Carrie Fisher's famous dog Gary Fisher has been turned into an alien in Star Wars: The Last Jedi and though the alien is not as cute as Gary, it's no mistaking that it's his likeness and now director Rian Johnson has confirmed it. Gary went with Carrie Fisher everywhere and was on the set of The Force Awakens as well as The Last Jedi, so it seems only natural that he would make some kind of cameo in one of the movies. Gary's likeness is a way of further paying tribute to Fisher who sadly passed away nearly a year ago.

A hardcore Star Wars fan noticed a strange pet in one of the Canto Bight scenes that was recently featured in Empire magazine. The picture features Rose Tico and Finn, but as the fan noticed, there's a space dog that looks just like Gary, Carrie Fisher's French bulldog. Clair Henry was the first to notice and took to Twitter to ask Rian Johnson if it was really a tribute to Gary. Johnson appeared to be shocked and then clarified that it was indeed supposed to be Gary. The space dog has the same bulging eyes and color, but it would have been a little cooler if they had his tongue hanging out like Gary's.

Gary the space dog is just one of the many Easter Eggs that are in The Last Jedi and there are expected to be a lot more included in the movie and even in the wealth of deleted scenes that will show up in the Blu-ray/DVD releases. Rian Johnson recently revealed that the original cut of the movie was well over 3 hours long, but went on to clarify that most movies start out being incredibly long and get whiddled down in the editing process. Even still, The Last Jedi is set to be the longest Star Wars ever, with a running time of 2 hours and 32 minutes.

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Carrie Fisher adopted Gary as a service dog to help deal with her bipolar disorder. Fisher once revealed that, "Gary is mental also," while going on to say that Gary was "like her heart." The French bulldog was devoted to Fisher, calmed her down, and became anxious when she was away. But it appears that the dog has gotten comfortable with his familiar new owner. Gary has been living with Carrie Fisher's former assistant, Corby McCoin, since Fisher passed away back in December of last year. McCoin recently posted an image of Gary watching Fisher in a trailer for The Last Jedi on TV.

While the release of The Last Jedi is just around the corner, there is still a lot of information that we do not know, especially in regard to Carrie Fisher's role. It has been hinted that she will meet up with Luke Skywalker and Rey, but nothing has been confirmed yet. The female cast of the upcoming movie recently paid tribute to Carrie Fisher and it's nice to see that the cast and crew through in some love for Gary as well. You can check out the picture in question as well as Rian Johnson's confirmation below, courtesy of Clair Henry's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick