As almost everyone in the world knows, iconic Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher passed away during the holiday season this past December. Fans immediately began speculating what this meant for the upcoming movies. It was widely reported that Fisher had completed her scenes for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Bu those scenes are so closely tied to Star Wars 9, that some modifications may need to be made. Now comes word that reshoots on Episode 8 are happening this March. New fan speculation indicates that these new scenes could include a tribute to Carrie Fisher.

Shortly after Fisher's death, it was revealed that General Leia has two key scenes in the next two Star Wars movies, though it isn't known where these scenes were supposed to fall, or what was already shot. The first major moment has force sensitive twins Luke and Leia reuniting. The second scene has Leia confronting her son Ben, who has taken on the First Order title Kylo Ren. While we know part of the Luke and Leia reunion was shot, there is no indication that Kylo Ren actor Adam Driver and Carrie Fisher were ever on set together. And Disney and Lucasfilm met with both Rian Johnson (director of Episode 8) and Colin Trevorrow (director of Episode 9) about how to move forward with the storyline now that Fisher is gone, and they will not be using a CG stand-in for the actress.

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Mike Zeroh, who is either hit or miss with his rumors and speculation on Youtube, is back with a new video today that claims the March reshoots for Last Jedi are to make changes to these scenes involving Carrie Fisher. But in doing so, they will also pay tribute to the late actress. He goes onto say that some of Leia's scenes will be 'modified' to make them more 'special'. He explains.

"It has been rumored that some of Carrie Fisher's major scenes from Episode VIII will be cut from the film. I think that what they're going to be doing is modifying the scenes perhaps to make them all the more special and...bring an interesting tribute to her as a person. Now we do know this approach was used for Furious 7 with Paul Walker. I think they could do something similar for Carrier Fisher playing General Leia and they could make the scene...have a larger impact on the film and that is what these reshoots could be for, that's my belief. It could be for little snippets here and there to make other scenes more detailed."

While Lucasfilm and Disney did release an official statement that they would not be using a CG rendered likeness of Carrie Fisher to finish Leia scenes in the upcoming movies, they have not made any official statement on how they will approach her loss in finishing the movies. While Last Jedi is said to be Luke Skywalker's movie, Star Wars 9 was supposed to give Leia a more substantial role. Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy and director Colin Trevorrow are said to have held 'crisis talks' in January in terms of the director restructuring and rewriting his script. It appears that these new reshoots will address part of this problem.

The Last Jedi reshoots are reportedly taking place in Austria, Scotland and Ireland. While it isn't clear what will be reshot in Scotland, most of Luke Skywalker's scenes were shot in Ireland without the presence of General Leia, so at least some of the reshoots will not involve her character at all, unless General Leia's death is now to be addressed by Rey and Luke while on Ahch-To. Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters December 15th.