Another international trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has arrived from China, and it is slightly different than the ones we've seen previously, as it starts with clips from The Force Awakens, tying the two sequels together nicely. While the rest of the trailer is pretty similar to what we have seen before, there is some brand-new footage of the Fathiers ripping through Canto Bight as well as some new scenes from the battle on planet Crait. Those worrying about more footage of Porgs in the new trailer for The Last Jedi need not be worried, they only used the first screaming Porg scene and did not show any new Porgs.

The biggest difference with this new Chinese Last Jedi trailer besides The Force Awakens footage has to be the space horses, aka, the Fathiers terrorizing the elite of Canto Bight. We know that Finn and Rose are undercover there, so it is assumed that they are responsible for the spectacular intrusion. It's even possible that Benicio del Toro's mysterious D.J. character helped them out. Regardless, the scene looks like it will play off extremely well on the big screen with the Fathiers busting through giant glass windows. And there is a brief glimpse of Finn and Rose riding one of the creatures.

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Next up we get to see some pretty crazy new scenes from the Crait battle as well as some dialogue that seems to pinpoint that Snoke has been talking about Rey this entire time, throughout all of the trailers that we have seen thus far. There's the epic shot of the Millennium Falcon shooting upwards out of the ground and some more intense battle shots that really show off how big the battle on Crait is going to be. But as with most of the trailers, we're left with plenty of questions instead of answers.

It's hard to believe, but we're less than 2 weeks away from The Last Jedi hitting theaters. It used to seem so far away and now it's almost here. The best part about the wait has been that Lucasfilm as well as director Rian Johnson and the cast, have done an amazing job keeping the story under wraps. The cast has been out promoting the movie and it's almost comical how tightlipped they have been throughout this whole process. One actor who has done a tremendous job of staying silent while offering a little insight has been Andy Serkis who portrays Snoke. We've learned just enough about the mysterious villain to keep us intrigued, thanks to Serkis.

Though the spoilers have not truly leaked yet, the world premiere of The Last Jedi is this coming Saturday and it's inevitable that some information will gradually leak out afterwards. In other words, those looking for a spoiler-free experience may want to go dark in the week leading up to the official release to stay surprised and definitely stay away from that one grouchy friend who is never satisfied with anything, but still was able to see the movie early. If you're up for some new footage from The Last Jedi, check out the new Chinese trailer via Gavin Feng's YouTube channel below.