Empire magazine has released 2 new covers for their The Last Jedi issue, one for subscribers and one for newsstands. The subscriber cover shows Rey handing Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber into his robotic hand and the newsstand issue features Luke and Rey standing back to back, while Rey handles her lightsaber. Both covers are holographic to add to the collectability factor, and now we have some new information pertaining to Poe's X-Wing fighter from within the issue.

The cover of the newsstand issue, as previously mentioned, features Luke and Rey standing back to back with a caption that reads: "There is another." Underneath the caption, the magazine advertises the "full story of Luke Skywalker's emotional return." At least part of the 8-page spread on The Last Jedi will deal with Luke's life and the events after The Return of the Jedi, but don't expect any real information to be dropped in the new issue of Empire as we are still a few months from the movie hitting theaters.

There has been a lot of speculation about Luke's state of mind in The Last Jedi with reports coming in that he is "broken" and a Topps Trading card that is called "Luke's Grim Perspective" have pointed a lot of speculation that we will see a darker version of Luke Skywalker than we have ever seen. Add in that Mark Hamill was stunned when director Rian Johnson shared Luke's story with him and that Disney's Bob Iger said that Hamill gives his "best performance" in The Last Jedi and we have a pretty solid case that something is definitely going to be up with the Jedi Knight.

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While speaking to Empire, Rian Johnson revealed some information about Poe's personal X-Wing, which is codenamed Black One. Apparently the fighter has been retrofitted to include a temporary additional thrust so that it can escape enemy fire. It was specially modified by the Resistance engineers and it's a pod affixed to the aft section. The temporary boost doesn't last very long, but it will obviously come into play in the movie at some point. You can see Poe's X-Wing in the teaser trailer traveling towards some Star Destroyers, so maybe we'll see the new feature to the Black One at that point in the movie.

There are still plenty of secrets that Disney and Lucasfilm are doing a pretty good job of keeping as the movie approaches, but little things are starting to add up after the release of the Topps Trading Cards as well as the rest of the merchandise released for Force Friday. Although Rian Johnson promised there would not be any spoilers on Force Friday, a few were able to slip through the cracks, but again, we're still in the dark about a lot of what will happen in the movie, especially when it comes to Luke Skywalker's future and Rey's past. More news is expected to drop real soon along with a real trailer. In the meantime, check out the two different cover variants for Star Wars: The Last Jedi issues of Empire Magazine. We also have a poster featuring Rey and the Millennium Falcon that comes from Lucasfilm artist Steve Anderson.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick