Bigger than a Star Destroyer? Bigger than the Death Star? Bigger than the Starkiller Base? It certainly looks like it. But sometimes looks can be deceiving and we've come a long way since 1977. Director Rian Johnson is putting the finishing touches on Star Wars: The Last Jedi. And he's sitting in an editing bay as we speak, making sure it's the sequel we all hope and dream it will be. From this editing bay, he has sent out one hell of an image. One very fiery, hellish photo that could spell certain doom for any number of individuals in the Star Wars galaxy.

That is one big explosion Rian Johnson is confronting. It looks like one of, if not the biggest explosions in Star Wars history. But perhaps its something that doesn't matter much. Or it matters a lot. Hard to tell, here, as we race towards Force Friday without a second trailer to pour over and dissect. What we're looking at could be any number of things.

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For starters, there's Finn and Rose Tico on their secret mission to infiltrate a Mega Star Destroy, which Admiral Holdo and Poe Dameron are also racing towards. Is this the end game, to see the Mega Star Destroyer blow up in such amazing fashion? Then, there is the other possibility. It has been heavily rumored that Poe doesn't make it out of this adventure alive. Is Rian laughing at all of us as he secretly shows us Poe's death, dreaming of a day when Finn will sit in a field and tearfully sniff his jacket? Perhaps. Or maybe this is just a close-up of a land speeder meeting it's demise on the Casino planet of Canto Bight. Whatever we're looking at, it's an awesome sight to behold. Just imagine it in color.

We have four months to go until The Last Jedi is in theaters. And in those four months, it's tough to discern exactly what Lucasfilm and Disney will give us in the way of story details. There are going to be some secrets revealed in The Last Jedi that are bigger, and more impactful than this mere explosion. Perhaps this image is a metaphor for the great Jedi implosion that is about to play out in this Galaxy far, far away.

Explosions have long been a part of the Star Wars universe. And there are some spectacular ones to be seen. But this next installment seems to be all about the Jedi and their eradication . Luke Skywalker seems to be on a collision course with Snoke for the souls of both his nephew Ben, otherwise known by the Sith Lords as Kylo Ren, and the young girl who we all only still know as Rey. It's been heavily rumored and speculated that Rey will train in the ways of the Jedi in Star Wars 8. But is that a good thing. Some might not think so.

You can check out Rian Johnson's glorious image thanks to his official Skywalker Ranch Instagram. We likely won't know what we're looking at for a few more months. But gosh, isn't it beautiful?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange