With less than a month to go, we have a brand-new TV spot for Star Wars: The Last Jedi and it answers a big question about the relationship (or lack thereof) between Rey and Luke Skywalker. There has been a lot of speculation of Rey being a possible Skywalker, but those theories can now finally be laid to rest as new dialogue has proven that not to be the case at all. In another revealing moment, we see a shot that is very reminiscent of The Empire Strikes Back, which should come as no surprise for fans that have been following the making of the latest Star Wars movie.

In the latest TV spot for The Last Jedi, we see Rey training along with new footage and dialogue that dispels rumors she is a Skywalker. Luke is heard saying, "You've seen this place," to which Rey replies, "only in dreams." Next, Luke asks Rey, "Who are you?" And then we see a longer pan of Rey's face. We also get to see Rey approach Luke, boldly stating, "Kylo failed you... I won't." It surely looks like Rey is able to convince Luke to come back and fight with the Resistance. And this moment clears up that shot in the Last Jedi trailer, where Kylo is extending his hand to Rey. That's clearly not the case, and was a misdirect as expected. Here, we see the real scene as it truly plays out in the movie, and learn that Rey is talking to Luke Skywalker, not Kylo Ren.

Here, we're also shown a new shot of Luke whispering into Rey's ear while she taps into the Force, asking "What do you see?" Suggesting that Rey will use the Force as a guide, as Luke did in The Empire Strikes Back. There's also a new shot of Leia Organa, as well as a brief scene featuring Snoke closing his eyes after he says, "Fulfill your destiny." There's still a lot that we don't know about the plot for the Last Jedi, but the wait is almost over.

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As far as Rey's parents are concerned, the new controversy-laden Star Wars: Battlefront 2 video game may have revealed their identity. The campaign portion of the game links up with the canon novels and presents that Rey's parents are not any of the major players from the Star Wars universe. Del, a defector from Inferno Squad who joined the Church of the Force, the group led by the "old man" at the beginning of The Force Awakens, is interrogated by Kylo Ren. While being tortured for vital information to the last Jedi, he attempts to withstand the advances of the Dark Side enforcer. Del's accent is very close to Rey's and he even says some of the same dialogue when he screams out, "Get out of my head! I won't tell you anything."

A portion of the DLC for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is rumored to go into more detail about Rey's parents and it will be released days before The Last Jedi hits theaters. For those looking to avoid spoilers, it might be best to avoid future articles because more and more information about the highly anticipated movie is coming out daily. Watch the new TV spot for The Last Jedi below, courtesy of ZCure1's YouTube channel.

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