It sounds like Star Wars: The Last Jedi is going to be all about the space horse. Which is cool. The Force Awakens sort of failed to give fans of the franchise an amazing beast to call its own, unless you count the divisive Rathtars that Han Solo and Chewbacca corralled onto their freighter. But the Rathtar was no Tauntaun, or Dewback. Heck, that ball of rolling tentacles couldn't even live up to the legacy of the Rancor. But that all changes with The Last Jedi.

And from the sounds of it, Finn and Rose's new pet space horse will be the toy all the kids (and adults) will be clamoring for come Force Friday this September. We've seen the practical side of this new Star Wars creature in leaked set photos from early in the production. Now, Making Star Wars has detailed information on these cosmic stallions.

The gelding-like animal is actually called a Falthier, which doesn't quite roll off the tongue like the word Tauntaun, but fans will get used to it over time. These creatures will be introduced on the casino planet Canto Bight. And they are involved in a high speed chase that will serve as one of the key action set pieces in The Last Jedi.

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Now, we just mentioned Rose. Perhaps that sounds like a code name for a new character, and not a real 'Star Wars' name. But director Rian Johnson assures us that this is the confirmed name for Kelly Marie Tran's character that will be introduced in The Last Jedi. She is a maintenance worker who gets hooked up with John Boyega's Finn on a secret mission for the Resistance. The pair head to Canto Bight to reportedly break a slicer (the space name for hacker) out of jail.

The falthiers are the Star Wars version of a high-priced race horse, which all forms of scum and villainy bet on while visiting Canto Bight. The Faltheir's head is described as looking like a cross between a tauntaun and the luck dragon from Never Ending Story. The big Space Horse chase scene will begin in the Falthier stables. Finn and Rose are on the run. They are being chased by well-dressed 'men' in luxury speeders, which were also spotted in leaked Last Jedi set photos.

Rose grabs Finn and drags him into the stables to hide. There, they meet a new breed of alien who is tending to the Falthiers, and will be this sequel's version of the Rancor Keeper. During this sequence, we'll also get introduced to the Falthier Jockeys. So there will be quite a few new action figures from just this one sequence alone, and will probably make up the first wave of figures that no one buys, yet hang on the shelves until Christmas time.

Finn fast talks one of the space jockeys and races away on the stolen steed with Rose in tow. They eventually engage in a fight with one of the luxury speeders. Rose is able to get the bad guys off their tail and save the day. The end of the scene is reminiscent of many a Clint Eastwood Western, as Finn and Rose ride their Falthier into a coffee shop, meeting their contact on time as scheduled. Rose is said to be the real hero in these scenes, with Finn bumbling behind her, giving fans another strong female character.

The coffee shop is described as something out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the one directed by Tim Burton). There are a lot of bright colors and space beans that look like candy. It's said to resemble a neon Starbucks, and again, there are plenty of merchandising tie-ins to be had here. Making Star Wars have seen the inside of this coffee shop. They claim they can't do a description justice. Just know that it's very bright and colorful.

In related news, it is also being reported that Finn survives whatever follies he gets into during the runtime of The Last Jedi, and that John Boyega is confirmed to return in Star Wars 9, which will be directed by Colin Trevorrow. We've included tweet leaks from the scenes in question so you know this is all true and not made up by some space dweeb working from his shed in El Sereno, California.

B. Alan Orange