If we're to believe the latest Last Jedi rumor, it will be the umpteenth Star Wars sequel that sees our heroes disguising themselves in the costumes of the enemies. This time out, it will be Finn who is doing all the sneaking around. And this connects directly to previous rumors we've heard about the impending sequel.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be in theaters in just over 11 months, and while we have yet to see even a teaser trailer or any footage at all, we have heard plenty of rumors and speculation about the storyline. Most of it is focused on Rey, her relationship with Luke and her possible training as a Jedi. We've also heard a lot about her direct connection to villain Kylo Ren in recent weeks. But where does that leave Finn and Poe Dameron? The other two new leads in the Force Awakens trilogy?

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While Luke Skywalker has been described as the main character this time out, there will also be a great deal of the sequel that deals with the ongoing conflict between the First Order and the Resistance. Both sides are still at war, and their respective camps have been thrown into utter chaos. As Rey and Luke contend with their problems on Ahch-To, the Resistance will be struggling to figure out how they can get the upper hand on the First Order.

This is where Finn steps in. When we last saw the fallen hero, he had taken a lightsaber to the spine. There were some rumors that he was now paralyzed from the waist down, but those apparently aren't true. And the former Stormtrooper is feeling better than ever after a few bacta therapy baths. In The Last Jedi, Finn will be on a special mission for the Resistance, and it will put him in the direct crosshairs of the enemy. If we need to tell you that you're now entering SPOILER territory, perhaps you haven't played this game before.

In a new report from Making Star Wars, who are usually a pretty reliable source of information when it comes to all things Star Wars, Finn's objective is to infiltrate a First Order Super Star Destroyer. This ship has been designed a little differently than previous Star Destroyers seen in the original trilogy.

This is where the nod to A New Hope comes in. Finn will have to go undercover in a First Order officer's uniform. This ties into the rumor about Tom Hardy playing a Stormtrooper. Hardy is reportedly playing a Trooper who has not yet heard of Finn's hand in helping destroy the Starkiller base. Instead, he believes Finn is an Imperial hero thanks to some purposeful propaganda being spread by the First Order to downplay the fact that Finn so easily went AWOL.

While undercover, Finn is congratulated by Hardy's Stormtrooper for receiving a promotion. Making Star Wars has a sketch of what Finn will look like in his all-black attire. It is stated that Kelly Marie Tran's mystery character is accompanying Finn on this mission, which lines up with the two being paired for much of the movie, a rumor which we know to be partially true thanks to some leaked on-set photos that show the duo riding what has been referred to as a 'Space Horse'.

Finn and this as yet unnamed new Star Wars character are planting explosives on the Super Star Destroyer. At the same time, apparently Poe Dameron is working alongside Laura Dern's unnamed character, said to have pink hair and be General Leia's political rival. At some point later in the movie, Kylo Ren's Knights will kidnap both Poe and Finn, providing a reunion for them. But it will be a bittersweet one as they are used as bait to lure Rey out of hiding.

Interesting to note, there is no planet destroying super weapon at the heart of this live-action Star Wars movie. That device was used in The Force Awakens, and has been the subject of four live-action movies at this point. The Last Jedi is said to pick up just moments after The Force Awakens. But we suspect that there will be some time that passes on Ahch-To between Rey and Luke before we catch back up with Finn, allowing him to heal after his deadly encounter with Kylo Ren. As per the usual, none of what is stated here has been confirmed by Lucasfilm or Disney at this juncture and all comes from sources reportedly close to the production of the sequel.