Star Wars fans are hungry for any little morsel of information they can scoop up about The Last Jedi with less than six minutes of its two-hour and thirty minute runtime having been revealed in the various trailers and TV spots. While director Rian Johnson refuses to go into specifics about what fans will see play out this December in theaters, he did give us all the very first word spoken by a character on screen.


We are what? That now seems to be the question. While we get the first word spoken by a character, we don't know who says this word or its intent. It could be in reference to anything. Does the movie pick back up immediately on Ahch-To with Luke Skywalker and Rey? Is this Rey speaking to Luke, with the 'We're' in reference to her, Chewbacca and R2-D2? Some reports indicate that The Last Jedi will kick off with a massive space battle feature Poe Dameron and BB-8 facing off against First Order ships. And it could be Poe who speaks these words. It also may be a word shared between Kylo Ren and Hux before Han's son sets off in his TIE fighter to face off against the incoming attack from the Resistance.

We admit, this is kind of dumb, but fans seem to have fun with these little teases. The entire cast appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live as part of the big press tour for the movie. Which is were Johnson dropped this info. With still two weeks togo, none of the stars in attendance dropped any substantial spoilers. Though it was once again confirmed that Lando will definitely not be in this sequel.

Unveiling the first word spoken in a new Star Wars movie is becoming a tradition on Kimmel. J.J. Abrams also revealed the first word spoken in The Force Awakens back before it came out in 2015. And its likely that he'll do the same when he returns to the director's chair for Star Wars 9.

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Some fans were disappointed that the Kimmel Star Wars special didn't drop something more substantial. But that was never going to happen anyway. The actors did offer up their true feelings about the Porgs. Some love these new bird-like otter creatures with the Jaws-like mouths, others, like John Boyega hate them.

Back in July, Rian Johnson revealed the first word that appears on screen as part of The Last Jedi opening crawl. And that word turned out to be 'Decimated'. Which led many to believe the opening crawl kicks off with a recap of what happened to the Starkiller base. Though a franchise tradition for the main saga, only abandoned by Rogue One, many fans have complained that Star Wars 8 doesn't need an opening crawl, as it continues directly after the events in The Force Awakens. When it comes to the original and prequel trilogies, a number of years had passed between each film. This is the first time where one of the sequels has led directly into the other. Even with Empire and Return of the Jedi there was a significant jump in time. Not here, which will make for one five hour epic when watched back to back. Which is cool, and makes one wonder if Star Wars 9 will follow suit. It should be noted that Rogue One does lead directly into A New Hope, which also breaks the trend. Take a look as director Rian Johnson revealed the first word on Kimmel

B. Alan Orange