Benecio Del Toro's shady thief character DJ has not yet been shown in either of the two Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailers that have debuted over this past year. So getting to hear some of his dialogue has offered new insight into the character. This intel arrives as four new Hasbro Force Link Star Wars figures begin to make their appearance on store shelves across the country. And the dialogue they contain may reveal some new secrets about The Last Jedi.

Yes, we are only two months out from getting to finally see The Last Jedi play in theaters across the world. But that hasn't stopped fans from trying to learn as much about the mysterious plot as possible. So far, only three minutes of the two hour movie have been revealed, with substantially more behind-the-scenes footage tacked onto that. Benecio Del Toro has been shown, albeit briefly in the sizzle reel. And we first saw him as part of Vanity Fair's big article on the sci-fi adventure, which was the first to reveal many of the sequel's new characters and secretive details. But beyond that, we don't even know his name.

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Sure, all of the merchandising is calling him DJ. But that's not his name. Director Ryan Johnson confirmed earlier in the year that no one in The Last Jedi ever calls him DJ, and that was simply how the character was listed on the call sheet. They had to call the action figures something, so that nickname stuck. Will we discover what D.J. stands for in The Last Jedi? Many believe it stands for Dark Jedi. But a break down of the Aurebesh language on his prison cap actually explains it all in detail. DJ stands for Don't Join. He's a guy who doesn't want to belong to either the Resistance or the First Order, and that is evident in the dialogue included with his figure.

'If the price is right.' No, he's not a contestant on a game show. This is one of Benecio Del Toro's more telling lines of dialogue, indicating that he'll go to whichever side pays him the most money. He's kind of like Han Solo in that regard, only a little shadier. Han first saves Princess Leia to reap the reward, but it's unclear if he would have done the same to save an Imperial from a Rebel prison cell. DJ wouldn't ever have a problem with that.

DJ's second line of Force Link dialogue is, 'Hey, I'm a thief'. This explains why he's been locked away on Canto Bight, and why the Resistance needs his assistance. They need him to steal something, which has been teased before. He also says, 'Let's get this over with," which indicates that he's in no mood to hang around and make new friends. 'I can get you outta here,' is a promise he most likely makes to Finn and Rose, who are attempting to free him from his prison on Canto Bight. He's a slick talker, and only in it for the money. The most interesting piece of dialogue is "Oh for Hutt's sake!" The general term on earth is 'Christ's sake'. Which almost indicates that he holds the Hutts in high regard. He definitely knows of the Hutt crime family, and it's possible that DJ is working with or for one of Jabba's relatives.

The new Luke Skywalker Jedi Exile figure is not as exciting, as it reveals dialogue that has mostly been revealed in the latest trailer. He seems to be mostly talking to Rey when he says, "Reach out with your feelings" and "You shouldn't be here". One of his first lines of dialogue will surely be, "How did you find me?" Which could very well be one of the first things he says to Rey when she hands him that lightsaber. He does channel one of Darth Vader's most infamous lines, yelling 'Noooo!' And that could pretty much pertain to almost anything. In a sniveling sort of old school Luke Skywalker way, he also asks, "What do you know of the Force?"

The Rey Island Journey figure is another one that doesn't include very telling dialogue, aside from what we've already seen of the Jedi in training in the footage released thus far. She appears to be speaking back to Luke, answering, "I'm Rey" and telling her future master that, "The resistance sent me." She needs help with something at one point, demanding, "Help me with this quick." And she once again declares, "Your a monster." A line of dialogue that could very easily have been pulled from The Force Awakens.

The final figure providing new dialogue is General Leia. She appears to be rallying her troops as they prepare to fight against Snoke's Mega-Star destroyer, telling her Resistance soldiers that, "Together we can defeat the First Order." She also wishes them well with a heartfelt, "May the force be with you." The rest of her dialogue appears to come from the raid against the First Order as she barks out, "Send them in!" Followed by "I will do everything I can to help" and "All troops open fire!"

The interesting thing to note is that Luke Skywalker does come with a walking stick. And the Force Link gives it a certain sound that is described as a 'sword in combat'. It sounds much more like steel hitting than wood. But the sounds is unique and described as 'cool' by Making Star Wars. The Last Jedi is just fifty days away from release. Hope this helps the wait just a little bit.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange