Just who are Snoke and Luke talking to in the new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi? This footage has been getting picked part ever since it was released a few weeks ago and fans keep trying to poke holes in the misleading edits. Taiwanese subtitles from the latest trailer are the latest piece to get put under the microscope and they point towards some interesting possibilities that many have hypothesized since the release of The Last Jedi trailer. In the trailer, it appears that Snoke is talking to Kylo Ren in the voiceover that plays at the beginning of the trailer, but the some clever Redditors may have found a definitive answer.

According to Redditor Sleeping-Aran, the Taiwanese subtitles could be indicating that Snoke's "when I found you" voiceover isn't directed towards Kylo Ren. It's all in the "you," which is gender specific in Taiwanese. In this case, "you" is given its feminine form, which implies that Snoke is indeed speaking to Rey. Many Star Wars fans have already come to this conclusion due to the misleading edits from within the trailer, but this could be the definitive answer that fans have been looking for.

The poster went on to point out that near the end of the trailer, when Snoke says "Fulfill your destiny", the "you" is referring to a male "you", which means that Snoke may be talking to a male character now. When Luke Skywalker says, "This is not going to end the way you think," it was previously thought he was talking to Rey, but the new translations indicate that Luke is using the male "you," which indicates that he may be speaking to Kylo Ren or another male character. As with all things taken from Reddit or any other unofficial source, it's important to take this information with a grain of salt. But is Kylo Ren telling fallen Jedi master Luke Skywalker to fulfill his destiny as laid out for him by Darth Vader and the Emperor in Return of the Jedi? Before he drops a building on him, leading to that scene where we see Luke's metallic hand emerge from the rubble? Sure looks like it.

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Now, this could simply be a mistake and there's no guarantee that the Taiwanese subtitles, with the language presented being in traditional Chinese, were created with any official input from Lucasfilm. But considering that The Last Jedi trailer seems to be going out of its way to fool fans about who is being addressed, it seems plausible that it's subverting our expectations by placing Snoke and Rey together for this pivotal scene. Things could definitely get lost in translation. As the Reddit poster says, the symbol that is "mainly used for male" can also be considered gender neutral, so it's possible the translators were using it to cover their bases for after the movie makes its debut.

Again, Lucasfilm seems to be throwing out some major curveballs on purpose to possibly mislead and play with all of the Star Wars theories that are currently floating around. But if the Taiwanese translations are true, which would make sense following other theories out there, it could have some major implications for Rey and her powers and an altercation between Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren. Head over to Reddit to read more about the Taiwanese translations for The Last Jedi and see if they fit into your theory.

Kevin Burwick