Some of you just can't help yourself. Despite Mark Hamill teasing a new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer drop in just a few short days, you all want to know right this very second exactly what it will show, and how much Rey vs. Kylo Ren action you'll be getting. Well, not much if we're to believe the latest leak. Supposedly someone has seen the very short second trailer for Star Wars 8. And there aren't any big spoilers revealed, as expected. Except that, yes, perhaps Luke Skywalker really is wearing his dead father's Kyber crystal around his neck.

That seems impossible, as it has been officially confirmed that Darth Vader's old red lightsaber was destroyed when Lando blew up the Death Star at the end of Return of the Jedi. Perhaps Luke is wearing his own green lightsaber Kyber crystal. It is red in appearance. Which happens after a Sith Lord bends the crystal, breaking it and making it bleed. Who's to say Kylo Ren didn't steal Luke's green lightsaber, and make that crystal bleed? Perhaps that's why we haven't see Luke's lightsaber in any of the promotional material. Perhaps Luke will build a new lightsaber using his old bleeding green crystal? Anyway we're getting off track here.

Yes, in the trailer leak, it is confirmed that Luke is wearing someone's Kyber crystal around his neck, which has been teased in some of the toys released during Force Friday. For those who want to read further, you may want to plug your ears. As we're about to tell you the infamous Mike Zeroh is responsible for this latest leak story. And as you all well know, he can be a very unreliable narrator sometimes. Though, his last few reports have been based on reputable sources.

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That said, the originating trailer leak dripped out of a 4chan posting, which will have some scoffing louder than when they hear the name Mike Zeroh. You should definitely take this all with a giant piece of portion bread and wash it down with some blue milk while you're at it.

Apparently, the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer kicks off with a wide shot of Luke's exile planet Ahch-To, as a massive thunderstorm rages in the distance, foreshadowing the turmoil ahead. From here, we get a very quick shot of TIE fighters detaching from the Dreadnaught. They are seen soaring over the planet D'Qar. Finn and Rose Tico are the first characters spotted, as they are seen running through the main casino located on the planet of Canto Bight. Their part of the movie will have some intense action, with Finn and Rose seen jumping over game tables.

We then get our first look at the Canto Bight Police Department (CBPD). They chase Rose and Finn, zipping their speeders through a Canto Bight alley way in hot pursuit. This cuts to Rey whipping her staff to hold it in front of her. She is watching Luke SkyWalker very carefully. Luke is standing in his Clochan, the stone hut we've seen before in many of the Ahch-To photos. Once again, Luke Skywalker's voice will be providing narration.

Luke is seen opening an object that many suspect has to do with the Kyber crystal he now wears around his neck. At this point, speculation is very high that Kylo Ren destroyed Luke's green lightsaber, and this is what's left of it. Please note, Lucasfilm has confirmed that Darth Vader's Kyber crystal was completely destroyed, along with the rest of his lightsaber, in Return of the Jedi. So if this isn't Luke's own Kyber crystal, it's definitely not his father's.

Next, there is a close up of Luke observing Rey as she continues her Jedi training. We see Rey using her lightsaber, though the shot is quick and only lasts for a second. The pair are still on Ahch-To. This is followed by a shot of Rey sprinting towards a giant fire. The final shot of the trailer has Kylo Ren staring out the window of what could be the Mega-Star Destroyer. We see his reflection. His scar. He looks on in anger. The guy isn't happy. About what is anyone's guess. The trailer then cuts to the title and is out. The footage doesn't last for more than a minute. And is said to be shorter than the first teaser.

The trailer is rumored to be dropping on October 9 during an NFL primetime game. But that has not been confirmed by Disney and Lucasfilm. You can watch Mike Zeroh describe the trailer in full with our video embed below. But we know the dude's voice makes some of you angry. So perhaps you're better off just waiting to watch the trailer yourself. Or better yet, perhaps you should just hold tight and wait for the movie to hit this December.

B. Alan Orange