We all know so little heading into Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Disney and Lucasfilm finally released the full trailer for the movie and, even though it gave us a lot of excellent new footage, it also raised a lot more questions. But director Rian Johnson has answered a very important one by confirming point blank who the last Jedi is. Which has portions of the fan community freaking out. But let's not forget that he first confirmed this back in early September. And it's his earlier admission that needs to be clarified. Because that holds the key to what all this really means.

Shortly after the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer debuted, Vanity Fair decided to share an interview with Rian Johnson and Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy from earlier in the year. "Good luck getting Kathleen Kennedy & @RianJohnson to explain what #TheLastJedi means. We tried, here's what they said," read the tweet that accompanied the link to the article. It turns out, this was enough to get Johnson's attention and he decided to prove them wrong with two simple words.

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"It's Luke"

It's worth noting that the interview that Vanity Fair posted was from March, which was before the first teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi was even released. So, it's understandable that Rian Johnson would be a little more hesitant to reveal that Luke Skywalker is indeed the last Jedi at that time. However, he did say that he didn't anticipate all of the speculation on the part of fans in that interview and indicated that he didn't want to spoil the fun by revealing the identity of the last Jedi.

"It's weird, because I never even thought of that as the big question. But I love that people are speculating about it, so I don't want to crush that under my heel . . . I never thought that everyone was going to be like, "Ooh, is it-."

When the title for Star Wars 8 was revealed, fans had a lot of fun, or frustrated speculation, trying to figure out what Star Wars: The Last Jedi means. Since Jedi is both the singular and plural form of the word, that was a major sticking point for fans. But Rian Johnson has since made it clear that it is singular and that it is Luke Skywalker. Plain and simple, right. Not so fast, all you weirdos with short term memory who live in a constant state of Mandela effectiveness. Sure, there's a lot of ambiguity in relation to Star Wars: The Last Jedi right now, but the identity of the last Jedi seems like no longer one of those ambiguous things. Except for what Johnson said about the whole thing back on September 6. Check this out.

"It's in the opening crawl of The Force Awakens. Luke Skywalker, right now, is The Last Jedi. There's always wiggle room in these movies, everything is from a certain point of view, but coming into our story, he is the actual last of the Jedi. And he's removed himself and is alone on this island, for reasons unknown."

He's the Last Jedi right now. Which means Rey or Kylo Ren could complete their training and thus the status of the Last Jedi transitions. And from the sounds of it, that is what will happen. Or, Rey will abandoned their Jedi training to fully become a Sith Lord, such as Kylo is striving for with his former Jedi knowledge. Or perhaps they'll both just abandoned their training all together and live like Leia as Force sensitive beings. Same as Maz Kanata if you will. Which hints that Maz Kanata could have a Jedi sibling somewhere, or perhaps Kanata's Jedi brother was taken out during Order 66.

There was a lot of speculation that Rey, who appears to be Luke's Padawan in the trailer, could wind up The Last Jedi. That could still happen, just look at what the director said before his Tweet. Considering that the new trailer makes it look like she may be making quite the dark turn in the movie, that option has pretty much been taken off the table. Though, most think that trailer is stuffed to the brim with epic misdirection. Just look at the background shots of every character interaction. We'll see what kind of tricks Rian Johnson really has up his sleeve once Star Wars: The Last Jedi arrives in theaters on December 15. For now, you can check out Rian Johnson's epic response to Vanity Fair for yourself below.

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