While most believe Luke and Rey will be a team in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, a new rumor suggests that they both go their separate ways before the end of this anticipated sequel. And that Luke Skywalker is on a solo mission. Not only that, but he has some cool never-before-seen Jedi tools to help get him where he is going.

In Jedi lore, we know the Knights have a lightsaber. And that's about it. But in The Empire Strikes Back, we actually got to see Luke Skywalker traveling with quite a few useful tools, which helped him survive the marsh-muddy climate of Dagobah. Empire Strikes Back is also one of the few times we get to see a character carrying a snack box, as Luke settles into chow down on what looks like frozen fish sticks. That same kind of European backpacker motif will apparently be present in The Last Jedi as Luke Skywalker sets off on his mission.

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So, what is his mission in Star Wars 8, aside from training Rey in the ways of the Force? Making Star Wars reports that during the third act of The Last Jedi, he sets off to confront Snoke while Rey goes on her own path, seeking out Kylo Ren. At this time, it isn't known if Luke and Snoke have any kind of encounter in the movie. There is some speculation that Luke once again fully embraces his Jedi teachings, and sets out to take Snoke down, along with the rest of the First order.

It has been reported that The Last Jedi opens with a scene that has Snoke capturing Leia, and the two have a very heated confrontation. The complications of this meeting could be what spurs Luke to go seeking Snoke in the first pace. And it's likely that it's a story thread that will be continued in Star Wars 9.

As he did in Empire Strikes Back, Luke will have some unique tools that are introduced in Star Wars 8. And this part of the story has been confirmed. The tools do in fact hint that Luke is on the move in Star Wars 8. Making Star Wars claims to have seen a number of very strange things that will appear in the movie. They say this.

"I've heard and seen strange things like porgs, an amphibian nun with a white veil on top of her head, and a sea monster. This journey requires tools, protection, and some directions."

So, Luke will be battling sea monsters and nun creatures on Ahch-To? That sounds right up Rian Johnson's alley. MSW's initial story goes onto reveal a compass that is embedded within a box. This tool guides Luke on his way to Snoke. The box has a blue marble-like orb on top, and should make for a pretty cool toy come Force Friday this September. It is believed that Luke moves his hands over the blue marble-like orb, and the box opens to reveal a compass. The interior of the box has metallic dials and Aurebesh writing which indicate a space version of North, South, East and West. A needle points the way. The look of the box is described as Steampunk or as being from the planet of Naboo.

It is unclear if this is just a tool that Luke carries on his person, or if there is a more special meaning to the box. It isn't known if this compass points the way to wayward Jedi, or if it will lead Luke to Snoke using some magical energy derived directly from the force. However it works, or what ever it does, it has been deemed 'important' by insiders.

The rest of Luke's Jedi tools are described as being 'patchwork-general survival materials'. Luke apparently has an orange backpack that features a net strapped to the back of it. Inside is kindling for making a camp fire. It is said to not be like his blue backpack from Empire. But more like the X-Wing inspired backpacks anyone can buy at the local mall.

Luke will also carry a wooden walking stick in The Last Jedi, as well as a cattle-prod like tool that he uses to zap creatures who might get in his way. The name for the prod on set was 'the lightening rod' but it doesn't look or sound like an important weapon. Luke no longer has a lightsaber attached to his belt. And there is no evidence that fans will get to see the return of his green lightsaber last seen in Return of the Jedi.

All of these items seem to ground Luke Skywalker in a more realistic setting, a 'used universe' if you will, which falls in line with George Lucas' original aesthetic. And the compass, backpack, walking stick and lightening rod all sound like they will make for some interesting merchandise heading into the Christmas season. As for Luke's mission to find Snoke, this could be where Luke and Leia were supposed to reunite. That ending may have changed due to Carrie Fisher's sudden passing last year. Some speculate that Leia will die while Snoke has her in his possession. Which spurs Luke to confront the snake like being.

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