Legions of Flash fans know Mark Hamill as The Trickster. Now the actor is unleashing some of that personality on unassuming Star Wars fans. And he appears to be having a blast. The acclaimed actor who introduced Luke Skywalker to the world way back in 1977 is reprising the iconic character in this December's hugely anticipated Star Wars: The Last Jedi. But he's not above having a little fun with those who help fuel his paycheck.

Mark Hamill has always been known as a bit of a trickster when it comes to his extremely huge social media following. But in these last few weeks heading into The Last Jedi, he's really ramped it up. He is master of the Trolls, and well, despite John Boyega's efforts, none of the other cast members quite do it like this.

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Hamill is simply having a ball. This past week, he teased fans on Twitter that the novelized screenplay for Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi had been leaked. He sent out this ominous warning to stay clear for spoilers sake.

"BEWARE!! Novelization of #TheLastJedi screenplay mistakenly released weeks before film's debut! AVOID SPOILERS AT ALL COSTS! And #WaitForVIII..."

The man has over two million Twitter followers so this didn't go unnoticed. Unfortunately for any fan looking to learn the secrets behind Star Wars 8 before the release date, Hamill, doing his best impression of a grandma trying to stay with current trends but failing miserably, showed off a book cover for Michael Reaves and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff's The Last Jedi, a book that was published in 2013 as Disney was just trying to erect The Force Awakens after it's purchase of Lucasfilm. The book is not canon, and has nothing to do with the upcoming sequel.

Just before that, Hamill had a little fun with the classic 1981 release The Empire Strikes Back. He tweeted out a screenshot of Luke's vision from Dagobah, after he fights Darth Vader in a dreamlike state, Vader's helmet blasted open to show young Luke's face underneath. Does this once and all prove that Luke really is heading to the dark side in The Last Jedi, taking the place of Darth Vader? Hamill says this.

"Foreshadowing? Red Herring? Dummy Head? Hamill Head? 54 Days left 2 Troll 'til #TheLastJedi answers all your questions (& maybe raises more)."

Mark Hamill is a true master when it comes to being a social media Jedi. And he clearly loves having fun with fans. But the rest of the world won't know the true meaning behind these tweets until the movie opens on December 15, taking us into the Christmas holiday.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange