Warning! There are more than a few SPOILERS in the following story. And it all begins with Carrie Fisher. Is one of Leia's most important scenes in Star Wars: The Last Jedi played opposite Supreme Leader Snoke? That's the latest rumor crawling out from under a rock in the desert. But we have no substantiated evidence that this is true. Though, it sounds like a pretty cool scene if it's actually happening.

By now, we should be inundate with so much concrete The Last Jedi information, we'd be bored. But Disney and Lucasfilm are keeping this one close to the vest. With the successful re-launch of the Star Wars franchise, the studios are a little more confident that they can pull in an audience without showing too much before hand. So any and all secrets are being kept under lock and key. But that hasn't stopped some important info from leaking out.

This latest rumor comes from very reputable source nerdist.com, who don't mess around with made-up stories too often. They have it on good authority, from a supposed set leak, that Snoke and Leia are going to literally come face-to-face in the outer reaches of outer space. They say this on the site.

"Are General Leia and Supreme Leader Snoke headed for a face-off at the beginning of Star Wars: The Last Jedi?"

The site goes onto confirm that General Leia is brought before Supreme Leader Snoke for a discussion that doesn't go as planned. This alleged meeting of the minds kicks off with Leia getting captured by the First Order. She is brought before Snoke. It sounds like this is where we'll see his true form. While many suspected that Snoke would be diminutive in size, in drastic contrast to his hologram image, he is actually a hulking 8 feet tall. And will be played by a practical puppet instead of Andy Serkis in a motion capture costume this time out. Says Nerdist.

"General Leia gets captured and brought before Snoke and they have a shouting match."

Where The Force Awakens opened with the introduction of ace X-Wing pilot Poe Dameron retrieving vital information containing the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker before being captured, Leia is the one put in handcuffs during the first moments of Star Wars 8.

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The Snoke and Leia meeting will supposedly set up the rest of the movie, and serves as the first act of this anticipated sequel. Carrie Fisher sadly passed away this past December, but her scenes are said to have all been shot, and that this moment will remain in tact as intended in the original script. Apparently Leia gets captured by The First Order and is taken to Snoke in the first act of the film. This will be an interesting scene to watch play out, as Snoke has seduced Leia's son Ben to the dark side of the force. And being the daughter of Darth Vader, she herself is very force sensitive.

It isn't clear if this scene will come before or after Luke meets Rey on Ahch-To, a direct continuation from The Force Awakens' final moments. But it is expected that the scenes between Snoke and Leia will play out first, before we get to see Luke Skywalker speak his first words in more than 30 years.

Another recent rumor claims that Snoke is actually an acronym that is important to the plot of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, specifically its title. "'A Sith No One Knew Existed' equates to Snoke. But is that what his name really means? We'll have to wait and find out when The Last Jedi lands in theaters this holiday season. Until then, we may not see much more from this movie until closer to the release date.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange