Despite the words of Last Jedi director Rian Johnson, it appears a major spoiler has been unearthed amidst new merchandise released by Topps Trading Cards for tomorrow's Force Friday event. Johnson addressed a question from a fan asking if any new merchandise being released at midnight contained spoilers. Johnson boldly stated, "Nah, unless seeing what characters & ships look like count, we were careful to make sure the toys & toy marketing don't spoil anything." It looks as if the director, Lucasfilm, and Disney forgot about the Topps Trading Cards because they give the basic outline of the entire story for The Last Jedi.

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT AHEAD for The Last Jedi, so read at your own risk. As StarWarsNewsNet reports, the lists, which can be found on the Topps website, feature all of the cards in the Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi, spoiling the story outline. The cards also feature a throwback design and the hobby boxes, which will retail for $79.99 and contain two hits with at least one being an autograph. The second hit can either be an autograph, emblem, sketch or printing plate. The Topps series is expected to go on sale tomorrow for Force Friday, but the autographs and special cards aren't what we're concerned with here.

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The listing that you can find on the Topps website has a few different decks, but the most interesting one is certainly the The Last Jedi Base Cards. One last warning, as the plot outline for The Last Jedi can be read below. The story is as follows: 91 Rey's Solitude, 92 General Leia Organa, 93 Rey and her Lightsaber, 94 On Crait, 95 Rushing to Attack, 96 Finn's Recovery, 97 Poe Responds, 98 The Fury of Kylo Ren, 99 Shards of the Past, 100 Luke's Grim Perspective, 101 Ski Speeder Assault, 102 Walkers Incoming, 103 The Resistance, 104 The Resistance X-wing, 105 The Resistance A-wing, 106 The Battle Commences, 107 Frigates Under Fire, 108 The Resistance Vs. The First Order, 109 The Millennium Falcon Flees, and 110 Heroes United. Most of the outline is what we already knew, but there are definitely some new nuggets of news in that list.

Many thought that the battle on Crait would take place at the end of the movie, but it has just been revealed that battle will actually take place in the middle of the movie. It looks like The Last Jedi will end with a space battle and then a reunion of some sorts. Will it be the reunion between Luke and Leia? It is not clear if Luke will leave Ahch-To after Rey's training especially after seeing the card labeled "Luke's Grim Perspective." But the final card labeled as "Heroes United" may nod to the Leia and Luke reunion It looks like Rey will spend a decent amount of the movie in training on Ahch-To, which was already widely known.

There are no mentions of Canto Bight and some other things don't quite add up, but it appears that the cards are in chronological order. The listing for The Force Awakens on the same page is in chronological order and they're also missing spots, so there's not much of doubt that Star Wars: The Last Jedi cards are in chronological order as well. The cards will be available in just a few short hours, but you can see the checklist on the Topps website now. You can also check out what some of the throwback cards look like below.