Star Wars: The Last Jedi is less than 2 months away from hitting theaters and the hype surrounding the movie is at an all-time high. Spoilers are lurking around every corner and careful detective work is being done by just about any Star Wars fan who has laid eyes on the latest trailer that was released earlier this month. And now, Star Wars Stuff may have put together an interesting sequence from the trailer with some of the recently released behind-the-scenes footage that debuted earlier this week. The scene could very well involve an altercation between Rey and Luke Skywalker. And it could even bring the master Jedi's death.

Since the release of the first teaser trailer for The Last Jedi back in April, Star Wars fans have been concerned for Luke Skywalker. He says, "I only know one thing. It's time for the Jedi to end." Then earlier this month saw the release of The Last Jedi's main poster and more promotional material, with Luke looming like a villain, as though he had turned to the Dark Side. Plus, Mark Hamill has mentioned many times that he was shocked when he read the script for Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi, leading many to believe that Luke is going down a dark path in the upcoming movie.

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By matching shots from the latest trailer with those from the behind-the-scenes featurette, it looks very likely that Rey will fight Luke. The picture from over Rey's shoulder looking at Luke and the one of him on the ground are from the trailer and Rey's supposed attack shot is from the featurette. The coloring, the location, and their damp clothes as well as hair, make it look very much like they all take place within the same scene. This could be where Luke Skywalker says, "this is not going to go the way you think." Many assume that Luke was talking to Kylo Ren, but the statement also makes sense when applied to Rey.

This is all speculation at this point, as the two could be sparring for Rey's Jedi training, but with outside factors taken into account as well as the misleading edits in the trailer, it certainly looks like we will see an altercation between them. Though, this could also be a Force Tree vision, much like the one from Empire Strikes Back, where Luke confronts Darth Vader in a cave. Most of the misleading edits have to do with Rey and Kylo Ren, which may be a distraction to keep us from noticing that Luke is going to the Dark Side for The Last Jedi. Daisy Ridley has even said that Luke "might not be what Rey expects... it's difficult to meet your heroes."

Regardless, it seems Rey and Luke will have some sort of altercation in The Last Jedi, as a handful of trailer screenshots appear to show Daisy Ridley's would-be Jedi standing over Luke, staff in hand, ready to strike. If Star Wars Stuff is on the right track, this could mean some dark times are ahead for the Star Wars universe. You can check out the aforementioned scenes put together below, via the Star Wars Stuff Twitter account and see for yourself.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick