This is one of those stories where right off the bat we have to declare SPOILER alert. Because this stuff is nearly 100% accurate in terms of what we'll be seeing in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. With that out of the way, do you like the Rathtar scene in The Force Awakens? Some people don't. Some people do. But guess what? We're getting more of that type of thing in Star Wars 8. Which could be incredibly cool or way lame. It will surely be divisive, however it falls.

In The Last Jedi Rey will be fighting what can only be described as a Sea Monster. And there will be some cool underwater scenes. This was hinted at in a recent behind-the-scenes image that showed director Rian Johnson up to his neck, submerged in a water tank inside a cave on the Ahch-To set. It is unclear if any of these scenes will make it into the full-length trailer that is rumored to be dropping on October 9.

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This latest report comes via Express UK. They describe the Sea Monster as terrifying. Earlier in the year we saw some art depicting this monster, who is said to be at least 12 feet tall. The beast is a practical puppet effect, one that took seven different puppeteers to operate. It is believed that Rey fights the Sea Monster, who hasn't been given a proper name yet, as one of her Jedi tests.

What isn't clear is exactly which moment the Sea Monster pops up. A recent Topps card revealed that Luke's X-Wing is submerged in the sea near his home on Ahch-To. Rey is required to pull it from the depths, but may have to fight this Sea Monster in doing so. There is also a second underwater scene that explores the ancient Jedi runes that expand past the land mass and continue into some underwater caves. It isn't revealed what Rey is searching for in these submerged caves, but it is something Luke needs. At his age, he wasn't able to swim down and retrieve it himself, and it is something quite powerful. Powerful enough that he couldn't use the powers of the Force to pull it out.

Daisy Ridley is said to have trained for three days at Pinewood, learning how to scuba dive in a massive tank located there. The scene in question is inspired by a moment that was cut out of early Force Awakens script drafts, where Luke and Rey go searching for something underwater. So, while these scenes haven't been laid out in proper context, it is known that Rey will be getting wet a few times, attempting to pull Luke's X-Wing from the sea, fighting a giant Sea Monster, and exploring underwater caves. The Sea Monster fight will be a big action set piece that may prove to be more thrilling than her fight with Kylo Ren.

This description of scenes goes onto confirm that the first Jedi tempe is the tree that has been seen in a few behind-the-scenes images. The tree holds all of the old Jedi books that were revealed in the first teaser trailer. And when the tree is properly seen in the movie it will have three prongs, which when looked at in the right light, appear just as the inspiration of the iconic Jedi symbol. So far, there have been no official images of the Force Tree unveiled, but the next trailer will probably let fans see it for the first time.

Another quick scene has Luke offering Rey one of the clochans as her new makeshift home. These are the stone huts that are seen all over the island. She will move in her meager belongings, and she will continue to eek out an existence like the one we saw inside the fallen AT-AT on Jakku. There are mentions of cave paintings left by the ancient Jedi. They are gold in color, and reflect when light enters the cave to give off a brilliant presentation. It is said that these cave paintings allow Luke to teach Rey about the Jedi, going over their history and what he himself has learned since his time on Ahch-To. It is these cave paintings that have led Luke to the believe that 'The Jedi must end'.

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