Want to read the entire script for Star Wars: The Last Jedi before everyone else gets to see the movie this December? It sounds like you may have that chance, if your wallet is big enough. It appears that an autographed screenplay for Star Wars 8 is up for auction. And if this is the real deal, Lucasfilm and Disney probably aren't too happy about it.

In fact, we can imagine secret spies infiltrating said auction, paying whatever it takes, and then taking it out on the site in question when they eventually win these pages back. It's surprising that, if this is authentic, the holders of said script haven't simply leaked the pages onto the Internet already. But then, that would seriously bring down the price they're sure to secure with this bad boy.

We recently published a story that breaks down the plot of The Last Jedi as laid out by leaked rumors matched with the various films director Rian Johnson used for inspiration. But if this is a script used on set, it contains the big secret spoiler that will surely devastate all the main players in the final leg of the Skywalker saga. And that probably isn't putting a big smile on Disney's face at the moment.

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The Last Jedi script is currently up for auction at Movie Script Zone. The original starting price was set at $899.95, but has since been reduced to just $299.95. A true bargain, considering that the cover is signed by Tom Hardy, Daisy Ridley, Domhnall Gleeson, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Adam Driver, Benicio Del Toro, John Boyega, Andy Serkis, Peter Mayhew and Lupita Nyong'o. Perhaps most interesting to note about the signatures is the inclusion of Hardy, who is only rumored to have a one minute cameo in the movie, playing a Stormtrooper that recognizes Finn. The site makes this bold claim.

"Our items are guaranteed 100% authentic. They have been thoroughly examined and will arrive accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity and are backed by a lifetime guarantee."

That's a pretty hefty guarantee, and from what we can tell, the cover page and all its autographs look quite authentic. Yet, upon closer inspection, the script does not appear to contain that many pages, with a blockbuster movie such as this clocking in at least 120 pages, marking a page for one minute of its two hour run time. The script doesn't appear to be too well read. And it's skinny. Perhaps quite a few of the pages have been removed for spoiler purposes. And whoever wins could be quite disappointed when they receive it in the mail.

As most fans are well aware, the plot for The Last Jedi is quite well guarded, and being held under lock and key until the release date. The big rumor is that the next trailer will be shorter than the first teaser, and offer even fewer clues than the first time around. At the time of this writing, the script is still for sale. So you better hurry. The one discerning thing, besides it being so flat, instead of nice and fat, is that this page calls it Episode 9 instead of Episode 8, even though the actual cover on display gets the title right. Check out the image here, then if you're so inclined, head over and hit that buy button before its too late.

Star Wars Last Jedi autographed script

B. Alan Orange