Snoke's home planet has reportedly been revealed in a rocky, snow laden behind-the-scenes image from Star Wars: The Last Jedi that shows an IMAX camera at work. Who else but Mike Zeroh would bring us such a big leak? Now, before you go discrediting the man, he does have the evidence to back it up this time. And he's quick to point out that we're not looking at Crait in the image he's procured. Here's what he has to say about his latest video.

"Today's Star Wars: The Last Jedi news goes into some new Star Wars the Last Jedi spoilers that have to do with Supreme Leader Snoke. As we get closer and closer to the trailer expect to learn more of the film. Snoke's Supremacy will take off from this planet for this Star Wars the Last Jedi scene!"
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As Force Friday approached this past September 1, we started to hear a lot more about Snoke, with the first officially images of the alien arriving, showing off the fact that he is substantially larger than most humans in this galaxy. He also has an affinity for gold robes. Now, we learn that he comes from a planet that appears to be much like the planet Mars residing in our own solar system.

There is snow on Snoke's planet, but it's the kind of half melted landscape you'd see in Northern Oregon towards the end of March. In the earlier leaks, we got a pretty good look at Snoke's new Mega-Star Destroyer called The Supremacy, which is big enough to house multiple normal sized Star Destroyers as well as entire fleets of TIE Fighters. Mike Zeroh shows off a great look at Snoke's planet in the video embed below. He says this about the image in question.

"As you can see we have a lot of crew members on top of a cliff. We have a camera crane there, which appears to be a RED camera or an IMAX camera attached."

He goes onto give a better description of the planet, with it being one of the new worlds we've yet to discover in the Star Wars galaxy. Though this image is not to be confused with Crait, with is home to an old Rebel base and will be the backdrop of an incredible Resistance ski speeder Vs. AT-M6 Walker attack sequence that comes midway through the movie. Zeroh continues.

We have heard that this is a sequence [with] a wide shot for Snoke's home world in which his Supremacy takes off from ground to outer space. [The planet] is going to appear like Mars. A red-like planet where all the way north it's going to be all snow. As you can see in the distance [of the photo] there's a lot of ice. So this really fits the profile of Snoke's planet. We've also heard that Snoke's planet, in terms of screen time, will be the most minimal. In fact Snoke's planet will only be used as a way of showing the audience Snoke's Supremacy taking off."

About not confusing this photo with what we've seen of Crait, Mike goes onto say this.

"Don't mistake this for planet Crait. Planet craft was actually shot over in Bolivia. The salt flats of Bolivia to be exact."

If we can't trust Mike Zeroh on this intel, then who can we trust? Am I right. You can watch the entire video below. But be warned. There may be a few more spoilers sprinkled in that you don't want to hear. The new Star Wars 8 trailer is rumored to drop on October 9.