Last week, a toy listing from Hasbro reportedly unveiled a few new character names for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which has unquestionably become the most anticipated movie of 2017, even though it doesn't arrive to the very end of the year. Now, it is rumored that this list actually gives us the true name of Supreme Leader Snoke. And we're learning a few new things about his backstory as well.

This latest 'theory', if that's what you want to call it, comes from U.S. Blasting News, which hasn't exactly been on the forefront of Star Wars rumors this past year. They do, however site Mike Zeroh, who has become known as a tangible, if not always reliable, source of information amongst the Star Wars faithful. Together, this meeting of the minds has surmised and now claim that Snoke's real name is...Victor?

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Hmm? Does that mean anything to us fans just yet? Hard to say. But perhaps more will be revealed soon enough. This past week also saw the big reveal of Kylo Ren's new TIE Fighter in Star Wars 8, so you can expect more toy leaks soon, before Lucasfilm gets to release this information on their own calendar of spoiler lifts.

Until this very second, the identity of Supreme Leader Snoke has remained one of the new trilogy's greatest mysteries. One that will start to unravel in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Thus far, we know that he is a force sensitive male, though not obligatorily binary in his presence. He appears to be humanoid, but has some lizard-like alien qualities. He appears to be a member of the Sith, but that hasn't exactly been confirmed. Many believed Snoke, who appears as a giant in his hologram form, would be revealed as a smaller individual the size of Maz Kanata, which would lead to a fight between the two in Star Wars 9. But that rumor was seemingly put to rest when it was later teased that Snoke is actually 8 foot in height and is appearing as a practical puppet, opposed to Andy Serkis playing him this time out via Motion Capture.

We have it on pretty good authority that Snoke and General Leia will share one of the very first scenes in the movie. Perhaps in the very opening scene before we return to Luke and Rey on Ahch-To. The First Order has reportedly captured Leia. And the two will have a shouting match. Which is to be expected, since Snoke convinced Leia's son Ben to turn to the dark side, take the name Kylo Ren, and thus kill Han Solo, Leia's former lover and father of her only child (as far as we know Ben is an only child, no other child has thus been mentioned in the prequel books leading up to this story so far).

Snoke didn't get an action figure when The Force Awakens opened in December 2015. That supposedly changes, as the leaked Hasbro list 'shows' that we're getting a Star Wars Black Series action figure called Victor who is the true appearance of Snoke. Though, it's hard to imagine that Lucasfilm and Disney would want this figure released in September on Force Friday, more than three months before the movie even comes out. While some believe that Supreme Leader Snoke is truly named Victor, others surmise that Lucasfilm is well aware of advanced toy leaks at this point, and has put a kibosh on any true reveals, giving Hasbro only code names to work off of.

Mike Zeroh works to further uncover the mystery behind Victor, and recently unveiled what he calls The Guards of Evil, another name revealed in the Hasbro toy leak. Zeroh confirms, without a doubt, like a hermit in a cave confirming that sardines on pretzels are delicious 12 months after the apocalypse has wiped out humanity, that the Guards of Evil are 'definitely Praetorian Guards for Supreme Leader Snoke'. And this toy list proves that's what we'll be seeing. Most likely in this opening scene that also features one of Carrie Fisher's final performances as Leia.

In the Hasbro catalogue listing, the Guards of Evil fall directly below Vitor. Praetorian Guardians is a term that has been thrown around a lot lately, info that reportedly leaked directly from the set. During the scene with Leia, it is now said that there will be between 7 to 10 watchers aligned on each side of Supreme Leader Snoke in the lead up to his First Order Throne, which sits on the Mega Star Destroyer, of which was mentioned in another leaked report.

The Guards of Evil are said to have a medieval vibe to them. And there will be a lot of Excalibur type motifs in director Rian Johnson's sequel. This includes a return to Darth Vader's castle and Kylo Ren's now iconic crossguard lightsaber. Most surmised long ago that The Last Jedi would help tie the Skywalker myth to King Arthur lore.

Further inspection into Snoke's background implies that he has his own lightsaber, and it is in The Last Jedi, not Star Wars 9, that he will head into battle with it. The Victor toy leak is said to be accompanied by a throne, which adds some hefty to this some-what flimsy rumor thus far. Whoever Victor is also comes with a deluxe lightsaber. And it could be the first time someone associate with the Sith is seen having a lightsaber that is a color besides red. None of this has been confirmed by any sane person, so gulp it down like a big spoonful of MiraLax, cause this could all be digested and returned as pure 100% caca further down the road. Until then, we have this Youtube video for all you Mike Zeroh haters to watch.

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