Force Friday isn't until September 1st, but some fans can't wait to get their hands on the official toys from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. These rabid fans are buying custom retro-styled Last Jedi action figures for often more money than the official upcoming figures. This is a common practice, especially for anything related to the Star Wars universe that harkens back to the days of the original trilogy. Adults who were old enough to remember the initial run of Star Wars figures that were made by Kenner are now paying up to 10 times the price of an official figure for custom, boutique figures that are far from official.

In just the last few days, new official toys from Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi have leaked apparently from Panama and some official Rey and Luke figures from Comic-Con have shown up on the popular auction site eBay. eBay shows quite a few of the official toys, but even more interesting are the custom throw back style toys that have starting bids of $49.99. One of the specific toys is one of Rey in training that very much looks like it could have been released around the time of The Return of the Jedi back in 1983.

The card stock used in the packaging does a great job of replicating the look and feel of the Kenner produced originals back in the early to mid 80s. There's also a figure of Luke Skywalker done in the same style going for $75 with multiple watchers and a list of 17 sold so far. Theses bootleg creations are really well done and are often outperforming their official counterparts. Brand new, official toys from The Last Jedi have recently leaked in Panama and those auctions are for lots of 4 or more toys, currently not selling for as much as the bootlegs. But those toys, which will be made available to the public soon, are still fetching quite a lot on the auction site.

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Star Wars is no stranger to bootleg toys. There are plenty of websites that delve into the weird wonderful world of custom or just flat out bad bootlegs. There are all types of unofficial toys out there; some trying to blatantly deceive fans while others are creating something new or creative with tributes and mashups. There's a whole set of toys from the prequels that are trying to look as official as possible, but fail miserably due to spelling errors and cultural miscalculations on some of the names, turning Darth Maul into simply, Dennis. Then on the opposite end of the spectrum are the tributes and weird side of things. One company specializes in gay Stormtroopers, painted pink with enhanced "features" for the Gay Empire while anther kid works out of his house making his friends and relatives into Star Wars action figures.

For those who are willing to spend some extra money, the new custom boutique action figures would make a worthy addition to any completest, but at the same time, Disney or Lucasfilm does not license them in any way. Official toys for The Last Jedi will go on sale on Force Friday, September 1st, 2017. Or if you can't wait, go scour eBay for some new toys that are advertised to have "Force Link." Here's a better look at some of the official and not so official toys currently selling on eBay.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick