Porgs are everywhere these days and they are either hated or loved by Star Wars fans. Even the cast of Star Wars: The Last Jedi can't figure out if they love them or hate them. Finn actor John Boyega recently said that they get to be quite a handful when there's a lot of them in one place and Daisy Ridley has revealed that Rey isn't too into them while she's on Ahch-To. But one of the bigger relationships that we've all been hearing so much about is how one particular Porg is being used as a therapy creature for Chewbacca after the devastating loss of his pal Han Solo. So why is the Wookie punching his little buddy in the newest Last Jedi TV spot?

In honor of the holiday, Lucasfilm has released yet another TV spot for The Last Jedi. In addition to Chewie punching his new Porg buddy, we also get to see Captain Phasma apparently welcoming Finn back and we even get to hear her voice this time around. Additionally, we see Luke Skywalker aboard the Millennium Falcon again as well as a new shot of an X-Wing deep in battle. But, the main focus has to be Chewbacca and his Porg.

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The new scene in which Chewbacca smacks a screaming Porg does not look like the same scene that we've seen before where the little adorable Porg yells in unison with the Wookie. Instead, this looks like it might be a trend for the little fellas and something that Chewbacca is highly annoyed with, which means that we might get equally annoyed with them as well. This could be where all of the rumors of Chewie eating the Porgs has come from. Maybe he gets so fed up that he decides to go on a rampage, eating every last one of them.

Speaking of eating Porgs, it has been said that they are a delectable treat this holiday season and it's rumored that they taste like chicken, but even better. There's a good recipe floating around here somewhere that details how to cook the Porg up just right, but it mentions that they are pretty hard to catch. It appears that you have to play the long-game with the little Force sensitive creatures and befriend them first before you can even think about luring them into a trap. Even then, you'll need two people to pluck the feathers and get rid of the teeth.

Alright, all jokes aside, The Last Jedi is almost here and Disney and Lucasfilm are bringing out the big guns in terms of promotion. It's a special day when you receive new Star Wars footage and hopefully everybody out there has a better day thanks to the new gift from Lucasfilm. Make sure to check out the brand-new footage from The Last Jedi and ponder why Chewbacca is knocking out a Porg with a smack to the face below, courtesy of the official Star Wars Twitter account.