Is the mystery behind Captain Phasma about to be exposed? Sure, fans already know that Gwendoline Christie is behind the mask of this fairly new Star Wars character. But we never got to see her actual face in The Force Awakens. Star Wars: The Last Jedi may be changing that.

The first hint that Captain Phasma might go unmasked was a new cover for Vanity Fair that showed Christie in full costume without her shiny chrome helmet. Now, Lucasfilm Story Group creative executive, Pablo Hidalgo has arrived with some new intel, and breaks down the mystique of this unique character even further.

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When first written, Captain Phasma was a male character, leader for a battalion of First Order Stormtroopers. But feeling the need for stronger female characters at the forefront of The Force Awakens, director J.J. Abrams cast her as a woman. And Game of Thrones fans were ecstatic. Early buzz was Captain Phasma would be a Boba Fett like presence and a fan favorite. Though, she eventually only received very short screen time. And was dispatched quite easily by Finn, having been thrown down a garbage chute.

Captain Phasma survived the Starkiller Base explosion. Though, that grand escape was seen off screen and revealed in a Marvel comic book instead. She will return with a vengeance in The Last Jedi. Hidalgo spoke out about Phasma, and the decision to keep her face hidden in the first relaunch of this popular franchise.

"I think a big part of the allure of her character was just wondering what might be underneath. It was only relatively recently that we wanted to commit to the idea that there was a human under there. The Force Awakens left that question, but as we got further into Last Jedi, as well as some other stories we're thinking about with Phasma, we had to ask ourselves, 'All right, do we agree there's a human under there?'"

So Hidalgo doesn't outright confirm that we'll see Christie's face in the movie. But fans will understand that she's 100% human and not some lizard humanoid or other such monstrosity under all that chrome. In the new movie, Phasma will be brandishing a new kind of weapon, which was reported on early in the shooting. This weapon doesn't have a fancy name yet, but will receive one before the movie hits theaters. The better to sell all those toys come Force Friday this September.

This weapon is described as less 'hi-tech' than the traditional blasters or lightsaber. And it looks more like a collapsible pole. The weapon's look is no accident, and it heavily ties into Captain Phasma's backstory. That will be explored in the aforementioned Marvel comic. You can get a look at the Captain's new weapon on one of the four alternate Star Wars: The Last Jedi Vanity Fair covers being released this month. You'll be able to see it in action when the eighth chapter of the Skywalker saga continues in theaters this holiday season on December 15, 2017.