Lucasfilm have launched the official Star Wars Tumblr with exclusive art from the upcoming Disney XD animated series Star Wars Rebels, which shows the Empire's influence on the main planet where most of the show's action takes place.

Check out the art, and then read on for more info on the new Star Wars Tumblr: CLICK HERE

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Star Wars Rebel Imperial City Concept Art
"The shadow of the Empire is cast on a major city on Lothal in this previously unseen concept art by Andre Kirk from the upcoming animated series Star Wars Rebels."

In launching the official Star Wars Tumblr, Lucasfilm left this message.

"Artoo is pleased to announce the launch of our official Tumblr! We promise there won't be any cat videos... except maybe a nexu or two."

The message is accompanied by Luke Skywalker and Ben Kenobi watching R2D2's latest hologram in bafflement. For those not up on their Star Wars trivia, a nexu is the giant feline creature seen during the arena attack in Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones. It was dubbed 'bad kitty' by the CGI crew at Industrial Light and Magic.

While the Star Wars Tumblr only has these two photos up at the moment. Lucasfilm promises to launch sections devoted to comic strips, concept art, and will feature a character of the week. It will also, perhaps, offer a first look at Star Wars: Episode VII when the time comes. Until that day, Yoda leaves us with this message.

"Impossible to see, the future is. Check back soon, you should."