LEGO has revealed the next addition to their Star Wars Ultimate Collector Set series, and it will certainly appease anyone who is a fan of The Empire Strikes Back. It is a 2,812 piece set modeled after Cloud City, the sky-based metropolis from the climax of The Empire Strikes Back run by Lando Calrissian.

The entire set, titled "Betrayal at Cloud City," is over 6 inches tall and 22 inches wide. It will cost a pricy $349.99 to purchase, which is arguably a bit too much for a set like this. The set comes complete with 18 minifigures, and even has a couple vehicles that can be separated from the rest of the set.

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This set will certainly be a breath of fresh air for long term LEGO Star Wars fans. This is the first legitimate Cloud City set to be released by LEGO since 2003. While the toy company has released smaller sets based on locations in Cloud City, specifically recreations of the famous Carbonite scene, this is the first time that we've received Cloud City as a whole in 15 years. The original set has been outdated for some time, with the characters still having LEGO's classic yellow faces, so this monstrous update is certainly long overdue, but still worth the wait.

Similarly to LEGO's UCS Death Star set, "Betrayal at Cloud City" is separated into four quarters. The first quarter features Han and Leia's room in Cloud City, the dining room where they were confronted by Vader, a detailed hallway, and the engine room where C3-PO was attacked by a stormtrooper. The second quarter features a landing pad, with Boba Fett's Slave I on it. Granted, this version of the Slave I is incredibly smaller than LEGO's previous $200 version of the ship, but this model of the ship is small enough to fit on the rest of the set, so hopefully there won't be too many complaints about this inconsistency.

The third quarter of the set features the torture chambers, a darker hallway, and a prisoner room for Chewbacca to fix C3-PO in. Finally, the fourth quarter may be the highlight of the set, not only including the Carbonite chamber equipped with a version of Han Solo in Carbonite, but it also features the highly detailed location of the duel between Vader and Luke. While it may not feature every room or aspect of Cloud City from The Empire Strikes Back, it certainly has a lot more of Cloud City than we have ever seen from LEGO before.

The biggest issue about this set is perhaps its price. Typically, one can estimate the cost of a LEGO set by viewing every 100 pieces as $10, even for branded sets like Star Wars. Realistically, a 2,812 piece LEGO set should only cost $280 rather than $350, making "Betrayal at Cloud City" about $70 overpriced. However, the intense detail of the set and the variety of characters included may be enough to allow a number of LEGO and Star Wars fans to overlook the price.

This enormous set is sure to be the highlight of any LEGO fan's collection, and may even be a must-have for Star Wars fans who typically don't collect LEGO. If you have an extra $349.99, the incredibly detailed "Betrayal at Cloud City" set can be yours when LEGO releases it in their stores on October 1st.

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