For years, one of the big mysteries in the Star Wars universe is what exactly happened to Luke's lightsaber after The Empire Strikes Back. It wasn't a huge deal until it turned back up in The Force Awkanes, as many assumed it was just lost to oblivion once Luke got his hand cut off. Yet, once Maz Kanata presented the weapon to Rey, things changed. Now, we have some new insight as to what happened to the lightsaber, and why Luke built the one we eventually see him with in Return of the Jedi.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Marvel Comics' Star Wars #4. The recently published comic takes place shortly after the events of The Empire Strikes Back and sees Luke, Lando and Leia making their way back to Cloud City, in part, to retrieve Luke's lightsaber. Just for some context, here's the synopsis for the issue.

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"Catastrophe in the clouds! Luke Skywalker, Lando Calrissian and Leia Organa have returned to Cloud City! They each left things on Bespin they desperately need, a weapon, a friend, and crucial information. But the city is swarming with Imperials, under occupation by an Empire desperate to steal its resources. Things did not go well for the trio the last time they visited this place. This time... might be even worse."

The quest leads the trio to Smelting Core D-52, which is where all of Cloud City's garbage ends up. They dig for the weapon but, ultimately, the quest is sidelined once Leia is captured and frozen in carbonite, much like her beloved Han Solo. Luke drops his search for the lightsaber in favor of rescuing Leia and says the following to Lando about it.

"A Jedi isn't his lightsaber. A lightsaber is just a tool. A Jedi is someone who uses the Force to bring light to the galaxy. To protect people and push back the darkness. That particular lightsaber... the one I lost... I don't need it. It was my father's... but I'm not sure how I feel about that anymore. I'm going to be a Jedi. Even if I never see that lightsaber again."

As these words are being uttered, we see an unidentified ugnaught coming across Anakin Skywalker's former lightsaber. That leaves us with a couple of things to ponder. For one, it seems this alien will, somehow, end up playing a part in getting the lightsaber into Maz's possession. It also reveals Luke's thinking in abandoning his old weapon in favor of crafting a new one. It plays into Luke's dramatic shift between Empire and Return of the Jedi. When Luke lights up that green lightsaber, he has fully transformed into a Jedi Knight.

One question that still needs answering is why Luke will be wielding a yellow lightsaber, as seen on the cover of Star Wars #6, which comes out in May. The weapon has drawn comparisons to the one Rey was seen holding at the end of The Rise of Skywalker. Time will tell. Star Wars #4 is available now. This was previously reported by

Star Wars Cover Issue #4