A fake Huffington Post Twitter account announced that Mark Hamill had died yesterday, leading many to question if it was real or fake news. Hamill is alive and well after the second death report hoax to happen this year. In February, Sky News, yes you read that correctly, reported that Hamill had passed away leading the actor to tweet out "Don't rush me already!" with a hashtag that read: "still very much among the living thank you." Hamill took the same humorous approach this time around as well.

After being alerted to the fake news account by Business Insider's Steve Kovach, Hamill again took to his Twitter page to troll the trolls with a healthy dose of self- deprecating humor that the actor is known for. Hamill's tweet reads: "MUCH OF THE NATION MOURNS, RIP Hamill a wonderful, underrated and beloved icon. Truly a legend in his own mind." Now that's pretty funny by itself, but Hamill goes on to nail those hashtags yet again. "So glad I got to meet him and kinda sad" are posted beneath the tweet that has currently been liked 15,938 times and re-tweeted over 6,000 times.

In less morbid news, 10-year old Jacob Tremblay, The Book of Henry star, got to meet his idol, Luke Skywalker on the red carpet earlier this week,E! News reports. Tremblay is a huge Star Wars fan and had not yet met Mark Hamill. Hamill was interviewed on the red carpet for Colin Trevorrow's The Book of Henry and asked about Tremblay. Hamill said that he had not met him, but that he loved his appearance on Billy on the Street. E! then brought Hamill over to introduce him to Tremblay.

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Hamill asked Tremblay if his appearance on Billy on the Street was fun and then they exchanged a private moment before posing for pictures with fake lightsabers in hand. Tremblay remarked that Hamill was "so cool" before stating that he'll never forget that moment for the rest of his life. He even captioned the photos on his Instagram as: "Geeked out, big time, don't even care. Thank you (Mark Hamill) for chatting with me!" The latest moment of Star Wars fandom comes after Tremblay couldn't hold his excitement in during the 88th Academy Awards when C-3PO, R2-D2, and BB-8 took to the stage. The 10-year old actor even got to get his picture taken with the droids and Daisy Ridley. If that wasn't enough, Tremblay even asked The Book of Henry director for a role in the upcoming Star Wars 9. Hopefully Trevorrow grants the request.

Alright, So Mark Hamill is clearly alive and still taking care of Star Wars super fans all over the world while maintaining an amazing sense of humor. Trevorrow's The Book of Henry is currently in theaters while Star Wars 9 is set to begin production very soon. It would be pretty cool to see a super fan like Tremblay make it into the movie in any capacity. Perhaps a child Stormtrooper? Check out the video of Hamill and Tremblay meeting as well as Hamill's hilarious tweets below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick