Kevin Smith has declared that he's not in the running to direct a Star Wars or Marvel movie for Disney. Smith, who rose to fame after directing the indie hit Clerks and later became a pioneer in podcasting, has been a lifelong fan of comic books and Star Wars, both of which have been present in his movies over the years. As such, the idea of him tackling one of these movies seems like a logica enough idea on the surface. However, despite recent rumors that suggested he may have been in talks for such a project, Smith has debunked them.

Taking to Twitter, Kevin Smith responded to a fan who was inquiring about the recent rumors. These rumors simply stated that he was in talks with Disney for what would most likely be something in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or a movie in a galaxy far, far away. Smith was crystal clear in his response that, though he is a filmmaker, as far as those franchises go, he's merely a fan like the rest of us. Here's what he had to say about it.

"Easy to deny. The only @starwars or @MarvelStudios movies I'm involved with are the ones I pay to see in theaters. Promise."

While some fans may find this answer to be disappointing, it makes a good deal of sense. Kevin Smith has never really tackled anything on the scale of a Star Wars or major superhero movie. Then again, many MCU directors came from the indie world. Though, the biggest knock against a guy like Smith is his recent track record. Both Tusk and Yoga Hosers didn't do much business at the box office, to say the least. The latter of which was absolutely dumped on by critics.

Not only that, but Kevin Smith regularly mentions on his various podcasts that he's not qualified for such a job. And does a man who just suffered a major, life-threatening heart attack really need the stress that comes along with directing a Star Wars movie? Look at all the flack that Rian Johnson has taken for The Last Jedi. Perhaps Smith is better off focusing on Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, which is expected to shoot later this year. The man has carved out a very comfortable niche for himself over the years and has done his best work when he's not trying to satisfy a studio.

In the last couple of years, Kevin Smith has taken to directing TV. Specifically, episodes of The Flash and Supergirl on The CW to great success. So maybe he can direct an episode of a Marvel TV series in the future. There's also the live-action Star Wars series being put together by Jon Favreau right now. Maybe Smith could direct an episode of that? Something along those lines seems realistic, despite the fact that the filmmaker won't be making a Marvel or Star Wars movie. At least not any time soon. You can check out Kevin Smith's Twitter response on the matter for yourself below.