Star Wars has some of the most iconic music that has ever been put to film, or any medium for that matter. So naturally, that music needed to get the heavy metal treatment from five guys who love to shred. Those guys formed a band called Galactic Empire, and they are about to unleash their debut album on the world.

Galactic Empire ran a tremendously successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year. They managed to raise $61,000 to fund their first album, which will be self-titled, and to help fund their tour. So, if you have ever wanted to see the Mos Eisley Cantina song played live in heavy metal fashion, you just might be in luck. Here is how Galactic Empire describes themselves by way of their official bio.

"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.... actually fairly recently - a new heavy metal band was formed by some of the most infamous and feared villains in the galaxy. Introducing GALACTIC EMPIRE. The band performs classic pieces from the iconic soundtrack of the Star Wars films written by John Williams."

The band made waves last year when they released their first song, a heavy metal cover of the Star Wars theme. The video has been viewed nearly 3 million times on YouTube, which is in large part what helped them raise such a large amount of money with their Kickstarter. It also helped get them a record deal, as their first album will be coming out via Rise Records. Here is what they had to say when announcing their album's release.

"Thanks to key members in the Senate and our allies at Rise Records and Velocity Records the Galaxy will kneel before us on February 3 when we unleash the full power of this album. The puny humans of your small forest planet Earth have also indicated a desire to see the mighty Galactic Empire perform our music in a live scenario. We would be most pleased to fulfil this request."

The band will be touring the U.K. in February of next year. As of right now, they don't have any U.S. shows scheduled, but if the record sells and the U.K. tour goes well, maybe Galactic Empire will make their way to America. Even just watching the videos make the prospect of seeing this live seem like a lot of fun, if for no other reason than it seems really difficult to play guitar that well in a Royal Guard or Darth Vader costume.

If you want to pre-order a copy of Galactic Empire's debut album, or buy other merch, check tour dates and whatnot at their Facebook page. In the meantime, you can check out the full tracklist for their self-titled debut Star Wars inspired album, as well as the video for their version of "Imperial March" below. Look out for the album on February 3, 2017, which will be available as a digital download, CD or vinyl LP. Here is the album title track and music video.

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1. Main Theme

2. Imperial March

3. Duel of the Fates

4. The Force Theme

5. The Asteroid Field

6. Battle Of The Heroes

7. Cantina Band

8. Ben's Death: Tie Fighter Attack

9. Across The Stars

10. The Forest Battle

11. The Throne Room: End Title

Galactic Empire
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