Star Wars isn't just a movie. It's a way of life. Hell, J.J. Abrams even called it a religion. And anything that sacred is ripe for parody, rip-offs and all sorts of bizarre offshoots, just like all the more legitimate, and not so legitimate religions before it. This means there is an awful lot of Star Wars related video swimming around our own universe. Some of it is sanctioned by LucasFilm, a lot of it is not. But now, it is all being compiled into one brain-breaking mixtape called Star Wars Nothing But Star Wars.

This Mixtape does have a trailer, which shows off some of the best it has to offer. This lovely video tribute comes direct from Cinefamily. And we have it embedded below for your prying eyes to witness. All thanks to Youtube. Says Cinefamily about this truly unique and itchy experience.

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"On May 25th, 1977, a film was released that would become the intergalactic phenomenon known as The Star Wars. Exactly 40 years later, the Cinefamily celebrates the anniversary of Star Wars with their own loving tribute."

The mixtape was compiled to celebrate 40 years of Star Wars, the franchise that will never die. The big anniversary happens this Thursday. And you can get in on the fun early with this quick teaser. It starts off showing Jar Jar Binks saying, 'Messa Back!' Before being gloriously blown to bits. What falls is a quick barrage of some of the weirdest Star Wars footage ever created by human hands. Of course the Star Wars Holiday Special is accounted for. But there is so much more that you have probably never seen.

Cinefamily will be showing off the mixtape on the big screen in Los Angeles. The event is happening on May 25, the day the original Star Wars landed in theaters. And it runs 70 minutes in total. Held within this framework is a truly bizarre Japanese canned chicken commercial, slammed upside some very cheap Star Wars porn. And sandwiched in between is everything you can possible think of and stuff you never even imagine existed. Or will believe after you see it with your very own eyes. At some point during the proceedings, C-3PO will go gangsta and even rap. Cinefamily creative director Hadrian Belove had this to say about this wicked creation.

"What is more universal and global than the imagery of Star Wars? More people probably recognize Darth Vader than Jesus Christ. And there's something about Chewbacca speaking English and drunk Ewoks that makes us laugh."

All of your favorite Star Wars characters will be on hand. If you live in Los Angeles, or are planning to be in the area, you can still get tickets here. You can enjoy the trailer along with some of the highlighted clips that will be seen during the mixtape presentation.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange