The Untitled Gareth Edwards Directed Star Wars Spin-Off, which will be the first big screen movie in the franchise not to be included as part of a trilogy, is heating up and should start shooting this spring for a 2016 release date. It will go into production at Pinewood Studios in England just as Spectre begins to wrap. As you may know, original screenwriter Gary Whitta was recently replaced by American Pie co-creator Chris Weitz. Now, speaking with /film about his work on Disney's live-action Cinderella, the writer opens up about this first in a long line of planned Star Wars standalone movies, and he tells fans to 'expect everything!'

Chris Weitz doesn't go into specifics about the storyline, but we've heard recently that the movie will either involve a young Han Solo, Boba Fett, space pirates, or a spy mission to steal the plans to the Death Star. In fact, it may include all four of those elements, if we're to buy into the 'expect everything' conceit. About the main story arc, Chris Weitz says that Gary Whitta's previous work remains at the 'core' of this new adventure:

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"I think it still is the core. In a weird way, it was like meeting for any assignment. Go in, talk about how you work and talk about the idea, but of course there was A) A huge security component to it. I wasn't able to see the script until kind of after I was brought on board. And B) I saw Star Wars when I was 7 and it was a formative experience in my life, let alone in the notion of filmmaking.... I think in this case I'm not working from a whole cloth, right? So there's a very strong structure from Gary's work and that's a huge advantage to me...It's a director's medium so it's really about my making what Gareth needs to do his film."

Chris Weitz goes onto reveal that the script is not yet completed. But wants fans to keep their expectations high. He boldly states:

"They need to expect everything because it's Star Wars. They have to. If I don't do that I'm failing in my job."

About the many rumors regarding the plot, Chris Weitz is under strict orders not to reveal too much. He did say this however:

"I think it was good to know a bit of what fans are hoping for but then again, I'm a fan as well so I know what I'm hoping for and I try to sort of take that as my lead and not get my head too occupied with what's on the Internet."

Okay. So we still don't know what Untitled Gareth Edwards Directed Star Wars Spin-Off is really about. But now we know to expect everything. Does that include Han Solo AND Boba Fett...Maybe?