Taika Waititi is down to make a Star Wars movie. The Academy Award winning director has been rumored to be involved with Lucasfilm on some planning. However, earlier this week, Waititi shot those rumors down, noting that there have not been any official discussions about him traveling to a galaxy far, far away. Regardless, fans of the franchise were so happy with his work on The Mandalorian, that they want him to do something for the big screen.

In a new interview, Taika Waititi addresses those Star Wars rumors again, but gives a little more insight into his thought process. The Jojo Rabbit director is on the mind of a lot of people now, but it seems working with Lucasfilm is almost meant to be. Waititi had this to say about the rumored Star Wars project and what he would say if he was asked.

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"I think people see me hanging out with people, especially with Star Wars, and think I'm having some big discussions about it. I would f***ing love to... If it was right. I would want to do any kind of movie if it made sense, and if it felt not like career suicide."

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has mentioned more than once that she would love to work with Taika Waititi. She got her wish with The Mandalorian, but there very well could be more down the line if they happen to find the right fit. With Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige jumping into the franchise, Waititi could follow suit, or they could possibly even work together on something. For now, it seems that the rumors surrounding Waititi's Star Wars involvement were not based on fact.

Taika Waititi is about to finish Next Goal Wins and then he will be jumping back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Thor: Love and Thunder. He gave an update about the highly anticipated sequel, noting that the script is going through some changes at the moment. Apparently, the first draft leaned a lot on the comics and that is something that they're trying to change up. The MCU bases everything on the comics, but it never makes a straight up adaption for the big screen.

While Taika Waititi isn't joining the Star Wars universe any time soon, The Mandalorian will be back this October. It's unclear if Waititi returned to direct an episode, but he probably did not have the time, especially since season 2 is being shot at the moment. We'll just have to wait and see if he steps behind the camera or does a cameo when the show comes back. For now, Waititi is coming off of his first Academy Award win and is enjoying the success with an eye on the future. The interview with Taika Waititi was originally conducted by Variety.