Tommy Wiseau wants to make his mark on a galaxy, far far away. Even if you've never seen The Room, you've very likely heard of it. It's quite famously one of the worst movies of all time and Tommy Wiseau is the man responsible for making it. Now, the notoriously strange writer, actor and director says he would like to make a Star Wars movie.

The Disaster Artist is getting ready to roll out in theaters all across the country this weekend. The movie chronicles the making of The Room, a movie so legendarily bad it warranted making a movie about it that, ironically, is probably going to get some Academy Award nominations. Tommy Wiseau is helping to promote the movie and was answering some fan questions on Twitter. One fan asked if he would like to direct a Star Wars movie. His response goes far beyond a simple yes. Here's what he had to say.

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"Yes! Absolutely! but I am very busy, so I would prefer to act. #StarWars can contact me"

He even put a contact link in the tweet, which is just the website for The Room. For one, Disney and Lucasfilm would never, ever let Tommy Wiseau direct a Star Wars movie. That said, let's assume hell freezes over and that were to happen. Wiseau says he would prefer to act instead because he's too busy? What could possibly keep a man like Wiseau too busy to direct a Star Wars movie? Further, to say that Star Wars, not Kathleen Kennedy or any actual person, can contact him, is truly astonishing. This single tweet defines the eccentric personality that has made Tommy Wiseau a pop culture icon.

There are countless directors who would love to make a Star Wars movie and Lucasfilm is going to make a lot more of them, so there's plenty to go around. But not so many that Tommy Wiseau will ever get a crack at directing one.Then again, to his credit, even if it's for the wrong reasons, The Room is a cult classic and will likely live on for years to come. Especially thanks to The Disaster Artist. Who knows? Maybe watching bounty hunters playing a game of football inexplicably in space would be fun. In an alternate universe, a Tommy Wiseau Star Wars movie would at least be fascinating to see. Imagine giving him $100 million budget to work with.

There's also the bit about Tommy Wiseau saying he would prefer to act. Again, Lucasfilm is never going to let him be in a Star Wars movie, but they do sneak celeb cameos into these new Star Wars movies. Is it so hard to imagine sneaking in a Tommy Wiseau cameo? It's a shame Solo: A Star Wars Story is already done. The line, "Oh hai, Han" writes itself. The Disaster Artists is in select theaters now and expands wide this weekend.