It's been one hell of a week for Lucasfilm after it was rumored that they were halting the development of several Star Wars spin-offs. Sources close to the matter told news outlets yesterday that those rumors were fake news and that everything is still going full steam ahead, even noting that there's even more projects that we don't even know about yet. Now, a new report has come in and states that Lucasfilm are "licking their wounds" and plan to take a different approach for future Star Wars projects.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lucasfilm isn't slowing down at all when it comes to Star Wars. However, they are being more selective with what will get the green light and the studio along with president Kathleen Kennedy are currently "regrouping" after Solo: A Star Wars Story underperformed at the box office. The source went on to reiterate that they are still making the spin-off movies. The source explains.

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"It doesn't mean those spinoffs don't happen. It just means they're trying to figure out how to make, and market, them differently."

The making and marketing of Star Wars spin-off films in the future is going to be crucial in deciding what is a success and what is a loss. With that being said, the report also says that although the Boba Fett movie is still in development, it's already being "reconfigured." Now that they watched a movie about one of the most famous characters in history pretty much tank, Lucasfilm is looking to rethink their approach to the Boba Fett movie, which seems wise. The project will more than likely be scaled down, and is something that Star Wars fans have been talking about for months now.

As for the Obi-Wan Kenobi movie, Stephen Daldry was originally in talks to direct the project, but it appears that he is no longer working on it. However, that does not mean that the project is dead, it just means that there will also have to be some regrouping for Obi-Wan as well. If Lucasfilm and Ewan McGregor are able to work together, a lot of Star Wars fans would be elated. Out of all of the spin-off projects that have been rumored to be in development, the Obi-Wan movie has been the most popular amongst a number of fans, though Ethan Van Sciver will more than likely disagree.

It seems that Lucasfilm is taking a step back from developing everything and anything, which is a good thing. Did we really need a Mos Eisley movie? Probably not, unless they were able to fashion it after the hit 1980s sitcom Cheers. Other rumors of Yoda spin-offs and Lando movies are things that might look good on paper, but probably won't bring in the desired effect at the box office, especially with all of the other Star Wars projects that are currently in the works. While we wait for more information about the new spin-offs, head over to The Hollywood Reporter for more information about Lucasfilm taking a step back to regroup.