In shocking and somewhat heartbreaking news for fans, composer John Williams, who created all of the iconic music for almost every Star Wars movie to date, has admitted that he's never seen one of the completed films. Ever. In the entire series. We'll give you a second to put your jaw back into place and think about the weight of that for a moment.

Sure, he's seen plenty of footage from the first 7 Star Wars movies. He's even heard some of the dialogue. But he's watched these scenes in segments or snippets. Sometimes without any dialogue at all. And never edited together with finished effects. That's how his job works. He's never watched a Star Wars movie from beginning to end, not even the 1977 original. And with good reason.

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He's sick of looking at Star Wars-ed by the time he finishes his scoring session. And it sounds like he's finished creating the music for Star Wars: Episode VIII. That sequel doesn't come out for another year. And he's only seen footage with limited VFX. Heck, he may not even know who Rey's parents are depending on how that plays out in dialogue versus the action of the characters and what is really shown on screen. Though, director Rian Johnson has directed and guided Williams through the story line.

John Williams was a little ashamed to make this revelation here, nearly forty years after the first movie hit the big screen way back in 1977. He's not proud of the fact that he's never seen a Star Wars movie. And he was a little hesitant to disclose this information with fans. Speaking with The Mirror in the U.K., he explains this.

"I let it go. I have not looked at the 'Star Wars' films, and that's absolutely true. When I'm finished with a film, I've been living with it, we've been dubbing it, recording to it, and so on. You walk out of the studio and, 'Ah, it's finished.' I'm not particularly proud of that, I have to say, but it's also part of the fact that I finished 'Star Wars' now and I'm already working on Spielberg's new film and I don't want to listen to music or see films."

Basically, he's Star Wars out. And he's probably seen enough of the movie to at least get the gist of what is going on. He has to know all the emotional beats to make such perfect music. And we all know how much he loves Rey. So he's well aware of who and what these characters are and what they stand for. But it's still a little shocking that he's never gone to a premiere and watched one of the Star Wars movies from beginning to end.

This is the first time we're hearing that he's done with the Star Wars: Episode VIII score. The Steven Spielberg movie he's referring to is Ready Player One, which has not officially announced a wrap date, but we're guessing it may already be done shooting and in post-production. We know Steven Spielberg started shooting this adaptation of the popular novel this past summer, though we've only seen a handful of set photos thus far. John Williams is already set to score Star Wars 9, but its unlikely he'll return to score the upcoming Han Solo spinoff.

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