Another Star Wars Celebration is in the books, and even the fans who couldn't attend the Orlando convention got to see some of the biggest panels streamed live. Naturally, not every panel could be streamed live, one of which being the Star Wars 365: Fact and Fiction, which was hosted by Industrial Light and Magic visual effects supervisor John Knoll. The host took a deep dive into A New Hope history for the movie's 40th Anniversary, and even unearthed some rare never-before-seen footage from this iconic classic.

The Cinema Realm attended this panel and posted four new videos featuring brief clips from the first Star Wars movie, A New Hope. The first clip features a scene with the X-Wing Gold Leader, played by Angus MacInnes, who messed up a line during this take, which he responded to by saying, 'Ah f--k, I'm sorry," before starting over again. The rare and surprising F-bomb brought a big laugh from the crowd at Celebration. The second clip is an extended scene from early on in the film, which features possibly the only instance in the original trilogy of a reference to the Sith.

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The second video is an extended scene from the first act of A New Hope, where General Taggi (Don Henderson) states that this, "Sith lord sent by the Emperor will be our undoing." While the Sith lord line didn't make it into the theatrical version, and there are no other mention of the Sith until the prequel trilogy, the novelization of A New Hope did feature Sith Lord. What's also interesting about this video is Darth Vader is not voiced by James Earl Jones, which brought a few scattered laughts among the Star Wars Celebration crowd, especially when it comes to Vader's force choke and the iconic line "I find your lack of faith disturbing."

The third video takes place directly after that scene, featuring Peter Cushing forgetting a line, directly after Vader's force choke, with the actor letting out a sigh after he can't come up with the line, which also drew a big laugh. John Knoll added that, while going through the dailies for A New Hope in preparation for this panel, this one one of the very rare instances where Peter Cushing actually forgot his line. The fourth and final video features another Death Star scene where Grand Moff Tarkin tells Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) that they will deal with her "Rebel friends" soon enough. This scene features a never-before-heard line where a seething Leia tells Tarking, "And you call yourselves human," after Tarkin gives the order to have Alderaan destroyed by the Death Star.

Earlier this year, a rumor surfaced that claimed LucasFilm was finally going to release the unaltered original Star Wars trilogy on home video, which hasn't been made available to fans for several years, after George Lucas debuted the much-maligned Special Editions in 1997. The rumor claimed that there was going to be a big announcement at Star Wars Celebration, but it was debunked just a few days after the rumor surfaced, and no mention of an unaltered Star Wars trilogy was announced at Celebration. Take a look at these rare scenes from Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope below.