Cinefamily has been teasing the release of its Star Wars Nothing But Star Wars mixtape for a few weeks now, with a theatrical release for the 40th anniversary of Star Wars happening yesterday. Cinefamily, an art-house theater in Los Angeles, promised a mixtape put together with love and the best found footage around, that could quite possibly be hazardous to your health, but nonetheless will change your life for the better. Cinefamily claims to have searched "through every corner of the galaxy and the darkest part of the internet, to find the most brain frying tributes, rip-offs, cross promotions gone wrong, and more from the last 40 years of Stars Wars." And they have done what they set out to promise, the mixtape is hilarious and utterly bizarre with plenty of WTF moments.

The mixtape, which you can watch in its entirety through Cinefamily's YouTube channel, starts with a hilarious version of the iconic 20th Century Fox theme being butchered by somebody playing a recorder into a montage of fans humble bragging how many times they have seen A New Hope in theaters. The claims start at 13 times all the way up to a whooping 153 times. Yes, 153 times. A New Hope has a running time of 2 hours and 5 minutes. That means that the man claiming to have seen it 153 times has spent roughly 2 weeks of his life watching the first installment of the Star Wars franchise.

But that's just within the first minute of the amazing mix tape. Elsewhere, there's a Star Wars porn and of course parts of the Christmas Special are thrown in the mix as we're introduced to Chewbacca's family, most notably his son, Lumpy. We even get to hear Darth Vader's real voice, which SPOILER ALERT, is super wimpy and not menacing at all. But even better is actor David Prowse who portrayed Vader, explaining why they didn't use his voice in the theatrical version of the movie. Prowse explains that he was disappointed that they didn't use his voice, but understood because "The character (Darth Vader) being the big black character that he is, I think George wanted an obvious black voice..." I'll stop there before he gets too racist.

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Also included in the mix tape are interviews with the actors and George Lucas. Mark Hamill recalls Lucas being at times exhausted by their acting abilities and pushing them to do better. Even Richard Pryor in the Cantina as a bartender is amazing, finding that some of these characters remind him of friends back in Detroit. There's even somebody close to the original movie talking about a lack of faith in the project, because he didn't think anybody would want to watch a movie with little robots and furry creatures.

Cinefamily really did a great job with this project and you can tell that it was made with a true love of Star Wars. At no point do you feel that they're making fun of the extreme fandom, they're just sharing the mix and letting the absurdity speak for itself. And while an hour and a half of Star Wars oddities may seem long, the editing really helps push the movie along, highlighting the care and effort that went into the entire project. Stop reading and watch the whole thing below!

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick