Mark Hamill has never actually met his {Star Wars mom, Natalie Portman}. The actress famously portrayed Padme Amidala in the Prequel trilogy and, at the very end of Revenge of the Sith just before her death, gave birth to both Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. The twins were split up and the rest is, as they say, history. Yet, somehow, the two actors have never met in real life. This is something Portman wants to change.

The Oscar-nominated actress recently appeared on Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote her new documentary Eating Animals. During the beginning of the interview, Colbert, a well-known and self-proclaimed nerd, felt the need to bring up the fact that Mark Hamill and Natalie Portman have never met, a fact that only came to light publically recently. Portman acknowledged that it's a shame and invited Hamill to hang out at her place. Here's what she had to say.

"It's such a shame, I would love to meet him. Mark, I would love to meet you, come over."

Mark Hamill made the revelation on Twitter last week on Natalie Portman's birthday. In the interview she asked, "Did he say happy birthday?" Hamill did not, in fact, wish her a happy birthday in his post. She joked that would have been a pretty good place to start. Colbert then noted that he's spent more time with Mark Hamill than she has and that he has spent more time with Natalie Portman, suggesting that he is the center of the Star Wars universe. Portman than further suggested that he could perhaps arrange a meeting. Make it happen, Colbert.

In many ways, it's surprising to hear that these two have never actually met in person. On the other hand, it actually makes sense when considering the two very different paths they walk. Mark Hamill has always been a huge ambassador for Star Wars. He has appeared in the newer movies and even before that regularly attended conventions and events that centered on his time as Luke Skywalker. Natalie Portman, on the other hand, has very much moved on from her time in a galaxy far, far away and is one of the most critically-respected and in-demand actresses in the industry. So unless Portman were to show up at a convention of some kind, where would they have met?

Despite the fact that Padme and Luke haven't actually met, this is something that the internet seems desperate to fix since it came to light. Now, Natalie Portman is on board. One has to imagine that Stephen Colbert is already plotting how to get the two in the same room together for the first time on The Late Show. Or maybe that's what we're all hoping.

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