Those looking for great Star Wars stories while waiting for the new movies to come out have likely turned to the more recent Marvel Comics titles based in a galaxy far, far away. While these stories aren't always necessary for every Star Wars fan to read in order to understand what's going on, they are considered canon and the things that happen in these comics will have taken place in the continuity of the movies. So, the latest issue of Poe Dameron is important because it's officially been revealed that everyone's favorite astro-mech droid, BB-8, has a girlfriend.

This reveal was made in the issue #20 of the ongoing Poe Dameron comic, which hit stands this week.TV Guide editor Alex Zalben took to Twitter to share the reveal with the world. In the book, Poe is hanging out with BB-8 at a Resistance base when an R2 unit approaches, revealing that it has fixed his X-Wing, but that she did it for "Beebee." The droids then wander off together, indicating they've struck up a romance. Poe has nothing but respect for his faithful droid, saying, "Huh. Good for you, pal." Charles Soule, who writes Poe Dameron, responded to the tweet, making it clear that things aren't so simple for Ivee and BB-8's romance.

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"Relationship status: It's complicated."

BB-8, who was introduced in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, accompanies Poe Dameron on many missions for the Resistance and helps keep his X-wing in working order. But, apparently, his girlfriend Ivee helps from time to time. BB-8 has become a fan-favorite character ever since his big screen debut, so the fact that he now has a girlfriend in the official Star Wars canon is a pretty big deal. However, this book takes place prior to the events of The Force Awakens. And, as Charles Soule points out, things are complicated.

One has to wonder what that means for Ivee and "Beebee" moving forward. Why haven't we heard about or seen Ivee in any of the movies yet? Is it possible that she's going to meet an untimely end in the Poe Dameron comic before we get to the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens? That would certainly be tragic, but it would explain this whole "it's complicated" tease by Charles Soule.

For now, we can all just soak in the reveal that BB-8 has a girlfriend. Marvel's Poe Dameron #20 is on sale now, if you want to check out the issue and get a little more context. Also, as a side note, the Poe Dameron comic is one of the better series that Marvel Comics is publishing within the Star Wars universe right now, so reading a few issues isn't a bad idea anyway. You can check out the full-page reveal of BB-8's girlfriend Ivee from the Poe Dameron comic for yourself below.