For nearly four decades, the iconic Star Wars franchise has not only brought fans countless memorable characters, but also iconic vehicles as well. One of the biggest of these vehicles is the All Terrain Armored Transport, best known as the AT-AT, which appeared in The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi and last year's blockbuster The Force Awakens. If you've been wondering how much it would actually cost to construct an AT-AT in real life, a new infographic has the staggering answer.

According to the Star Wars Databank, AT-AT's stand over 20 meters (60 feet) tall, which come equipped with "blast-impervious armor plating." has broken the construction of this massive vehicle into four main categories, which brings the total cost to $228.5 million. That's just for the parts, labor and construction of the ship itself, with the site adding that it would cost another $192,000 per year in crew costs.

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The most expensive aspect of this vehicle is the main armor and construction, which would cost roughly $146 million. The site used the US Army's M1 Abrams main battle tank as a reference point, since this tank's power-to-weight ratio and armor would be similar to a real AT-AT. It was determined that an AT-AT is equivalent to 16 M1 tanks, weighing in at 1,020 tonnes (2,248,715 pounds) generating 19 megawatts (MW) of power.

The lasers mounted on the side of the AT-AT's head would cost approximately $22 million, with the site using the LaWS lasers on the USS Ponce as a reference point. The laser is believed to have a range between 15 and 50 kilowatts (KW), which are capable of firing on aircraft or ground targets from upwards of one mile away. The two lasers mounted at the front of the head would cost $50 million, with the ATHENA (advanced test high energy asset) lasers developed by Lockheed Martin used as a reference point.

Finally, the AT-AT leg joints and motor are apparently the cheapest part of the whole machine, costing just $8.5 million. The four leg joints would require motorized movement to successfully move this craft, with the M1 tank rotating turret using the same kind of technology that would be used in these leg joints. As for the crew, each AT-At requires one pilot, one gunner and one commander to oversee the operation, and there can be as many as 40 Stormtroopers in the passenger bay. Take a look at this Star Wars AT-AT infographic below.

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