Lando Calrissian returns! Though, not as you might first expect. While many have speculated that Billy Dee Williams will be appearing in Star Wars: The Force Awakens as Han Solo's old smuggler friend and pirate, that has never been confirmed by the actor, Disney or Lucasfilm. But today, we have word from Big Shiny Robot that Calrissian is making a guest appearance on the January 19 episode of Star Wars Rebels titled Idiot's Array.

In Idiot's Array, the droid Chopper is inadvertently lost by Zeb in a game of Sabacc to well-known gambler Lando Calrissian. A string of adventures soon ensue as The Ghost and a team of gangsters go gunning for Lando and the astro-mech droid. Billy Dee Williams had previously teased his return to the Star Wars universe back in June of last year, after he reprised the iconic role of Lando in The Lego Movie.

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A few screen shots have been revealed from Idiot's Array. As you'll see, Lando looks quite a bit like when we first saw him in Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back. Though, he will obviously be nearly twenty years younger than he was on Cloud City. This particular episode of Star Wars Rebels is currently available on the Disney XD app right now, and airs on Disney XD January 19.

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