Freddie Prinze Jr. says Star Wars is made for kids in a new rant. The actor voiced Kanan Jarrus on the Star Wars Rebels series. The Skywalker Saga is coming to a close at the end of this year with The Rise of Skywalker and fans are anxious to see what J.J. Abrams pulls off after the heavily divisive Last Jedi from Rian Johnson. But, Star Wars fans were divided long before 2017. Even The Empire Strikes Back had its share of hate and that has continued with the franchise growing and expanding over the last 40 years.

Star Wars has become a religion to some of the more hardcore fans and this is not an exaggeration. In a new interview, Freddie Prinze Jr. talked about the hate he gets from fans about the franchise and the direction it is moving. "Look dawg, you're just mad that the franchise isn't aging with you," says Prinze Jr. before starting a rant against disgruntled Star Wars fans. He explains.

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"People bitch about the dumbest things. These are archetype characters, these are George Lucas' words. There is no Jack Bauer in Star Wars, that character doesn't exist, it's not Han Solo, Han Solo's a reluctant hero, that's the archetype. Darth Maul, who everybody wants to win, and is everyone's favorite because he looks sick and he's great in the video games... f**k you guys! He's Sisyphus! He is born to fail! Learn your Greek mythology like, I don't know, George f**king Lucas did! He's cursed to roll a boulder up the hill only to have it roll to the bottom again every single time for eternity. That is Darth Maul's quest. He's in on the joke, you guys. He knows it. He's just cursed to live that life."

Freddie Prinze Jr. didn't stop there. He continued on, pointing out all the ways that the Star Wars franchise is made for kids. George Lucas had no idea what he was doing in the late 1970s was still going to be talked about today and treated it as if it were a sacred text by rabid fans. However, that's what ended up happening. Prinze Jr. went on to talk about Luke Skywalker and had this to say.

"Luke Skywalker is Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty! He can talk to things that don't speak English, and he understands what they're f**king saying, he gets a fairy godfather instead of a fairy godmother, who teaches him how to be the best Jedi in the world in no time f**king flat."

"These are George Lucas's words," Freddie Prinze added. "This is information, not affirmation." In the next section of his rant, Prinze Jr. may ruffle some feathers as he attacks the idea of the Gray Jedi, which is tied to Qui-Gon Jinn and mentioned at the beginning of The Force Awakens novelization, meaning it's canon. You can read the conclusion of Prinze Jr.'s rant below.

"There's no such thing as a Gray Jedi! Qui-Gon even says, 'I turn towards the light because it's there.' There's no gray! That's pretend fanfiction sh*t, which is cool but don't try to canonize it because it doesn't work, and I'm never going to buy it, ever. Star Wars is for kids."

The argument about Star Wars being for kids has been around for decades, and to many looking at it from the outside, it surely is. But for fans who have invested a lot of their time with these stories and even grown up with them, they are a lot more than just children's movies. With that being said, the internet has given fans an unprecedented voice, which unfortunately has its downsides for people like Freddie Prinze Jr. who worked on a Star Wars project. You can watch his rant below, thanks to the All Things Comedy Instagram account.