Adam Driver says that some hardcore Star Wars fan once stalked him in a hotel while dressed like Kylo Ren. The actor is starting to do press for The Rise of Skywalker ahead of its release next month. As usual, the actor cannot divulge very much about the upcoming highly anticipated movie. With that being said, Driver is looking forward to the movie hitting theaters so he can finally talk about it openly, along with the rest of the trilogy.

Star Wars fans often treat the franchise like a religion. For Adam Driver, it was the chance of a lifetime to be able to star as the main villain in the sequel trilogy. However, it has its ups and downs when it comes to certain hardcore fans. Driver recalls someone dressing up as Kylo Ren, stalking him in a hotel. "They were asking people in the elevator if they'd seen me! That makes you a little nervous." That does sound a bit unnerving, but it could have been much worse.

Adam Driver was asked what it was like making The Rise of Skywalker and Marriage Story because of how different the movies are from each other. Driver has been able to bounce back and forth between indie projects and then jumping into the Star Wars galaxy with ease, though he does get asked about the Skywalker Saga a lot more than anything else. Driver had this to say about the process and how similar they actually are.

"In a way, Star Wars is a big blockbuster, which you would think would be maybe devoid of those conversations (about character). But I haven't found the process very dissimilar. You try to make Star Wars personal as much as anything else, and because J.J. (Abrams) was the director and because Rian Johnson was the director, it all came down to similar (things)... taking moments and breaking them into pieces and making sure you're truthful.

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The obvious difference is the rhythm of a set. A Star Wars set, there are 50 people all doing individual jobs, whether it be special effects or brushing a leaf or vacuuming something. There are just so many more moving pieces that finding your footing in the rhythm of that set... it's just longer."

Making a Star Wars movie might not be too different from trying to make an emotional performance, but it is a lot different when it comes to keeping secrets. Adam Driver is very much looking forward to when he can finally talk openly about the whole process, since it's been quite a few years of keeping everything under wraps. The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters later next month, which means Driver, along with the rest of the cast, will be able to finally be able to talk about their experiences on the set.

Adam Driver has taken Kylo Ren in different directions in the first two installments of the sequel trilogy and the third and final installment will be no different. The Rise of Skywalker could very well be in reference to Kylo Ren, though that is just speculation at this time. The interview with Adam Driver was originally conducted by Total Film,

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