The Rise of Skywalker opened in theaters last Christmas and wasn't exactly the present that Star Wars fans had been hoping for. It satisfied a lot of fans, but more than a few were really unhappy with what Disney and Lucasfilm released, which happens any time something Star Wars-related comes out. However, there are new rumors suggesting that there is a George Lucas cut of The Rise of Skywalker in existence that improves the movie. This has not been officially confirmed by anyone at Disney or Lucasfilm.

Apparently, Hayden Christensen was originally in The Rise of Skywalker, but was later cut out of the movie. This has been rumored a number of times before. Allegedly, the George Lucas cut of the movie was recently screened for some studio bigwigs who had no idea it existed. This rumored screening left more than one person in attendance stunned because it was reportedly so much better than what made it to the big screen late last year, which includes Hayden Christensen's Anakin Force Ghost scenes.

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Apparently the George Lucas cut is 40% different from what ended up in theaters, including a scene with Rey and a Force Ghost version of Anakin Skywalker. It's believed that he informs Rey how Emperor Palpatine was able to survive being killed in Return of the Jedi. Another scene that is rumored to have been included in the Lucas cut takes place when Kylo Ren has a chat with Han Solo. Apparently, Leia and Luke were going to be included in this scene and Leia was going to die from Force projecting herself to be there for that family reunion.

According to these sources, Lucasfilm boss Kathleen Kennedy is the one behind not releasing The Rise of Skywalker George Lucas cut. It is again revealed that Kathleen Kennedy will be leaving her post, which has also been rumored dozens of times over the past five years. All of these updates seem a little far fetched, but who knows at this point in time. Getting an explanation as to how the Emperor returned would have perhaps helped the story, but did it really happen? Does the George Lucas cut really exist in the Lucasfilm vault?

For now, this is all one huge unconfirmed rumor with no proven sources. Kathleen Kennedy is made out to be the villain in nearly all of these unconfirmed leaks and certain factions of Star Wars fans love hearing that negativity. For now, the sequel trilogy is done and it wasn't for everybody. The Rise of Skywalker and The Last Jedi were deeply divisive, to say the least, and now the franchise will go in new and uncharted places on the big screen. The Rise of Skywalker George Lucas cut rumors come to us from the Overlord DVD YouTube channel. You can watch the video above.