There are few movie scores that are more iconic than John Williams' score for the original Star Wars. That being the case, fans will surely be delighted to know that the legendary score for A New Hope is getting a very cool new vinyl pressing in honor of Force Friday this year. The best part is that the super cool vinyl set will only cost $35, which isn't bad at all when compared to the prices of similar items, plus there is a serious cool factor to go along with this one.

The new pressing of the legendary soundtrack was uncovered by Star Wars fan site The who also unveiled the packaging for the record. The outside of the packaging appears to be a transparent slip cover, with the binding covered in the classic Star Wars logo and starry, black sky plastered background. The vinyl records themselves (it is a double vinyl set) feature some of the most iconic shots from the movie on either side, including the Death Star, Darth Vader and a great shot of Han and Chewie.

The new double vinyl set will be coming out on September 30, which just so happens to be Force Friday. For those more casual Star Wars fans who may not know, Force Friday is an annual Star Wars merchandise event which was started last year in honor of The Force Awakens. That was the day Disney and Lucasfilm decided to unleash all of the new toys and merchandise coming out for the movie, and it looks like there will be some excellent things to look forward to this year. Not the least of which is this insanely cool vinyl set.

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John Williams has done the score to all seven Star Wars movies up to this point, not to mention his work on so many other classic movies. But without question A New Hope remains his most iconic and beloved score to date. The score was recorded over the course of eight sessions in England in March of 1977 with the London Symphony Orchestra, just a couple of months before the film was released to theaters. The score has been preserved by the Library of Congress into the National Recording Registry, which is reserved for art that is "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant." The American Film Institute also named it as the most memorable score of all time for a U.S. film, which is pretty significant.

You could head on over to eBay and try to win a bidding war on a vintage copy of the score for Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, but this new set will undoubtedly sound better and it is really hard to beat the look of that new packaging. Classic film scores have been getting vinyl re-releases left and right, but this is truly the one many of us have been waiting for. You can pre order the new vinyl release of the score for Star Wars: A New Hope on Amazon right now. Be sure to check out the packaging for yourself below.

Star Wars A New Hope Vinyl Soundtrack
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Ryan Scott