The latest Star Wars news is sure to rile up all those geeky gamers and comic artist pros out there, waiting to watch how Lucasfilm sabotages itself next. Disney has officially hired its own equivalent to Kevin Feige to oversee the entire Star Wars live-action franchise. And so far, she's only produced one movie that hasn't even been released in theaters yet, which already has quite a few fans raising an eyebrow.

Get used to hearing the name Michelle Rejwan, because she'll certainly come under scrutiny in the months and years ahead as the Skywalker saga ends and a new chapter in the Star Wars universe begins. Lucasfilm has officially created a new job title. Senior VP of live action development and production. This person will oversee everything going on in the non-animated section of the galaxy. And she is being directly compared to Kevin Feige at Marvel.

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Rejwan is overseeing the upcoming movies as well as the live-action Star Wars TV shows currently in production at Disney+ streaming, which include The Mandelorian and a Rogue One spinoff centered on Cassian Andor and his robot pal K-2SO as the Rebellion comes together in the time period leading up to the launch of the first Death Star.

The Rise of Skywalker is Michelle Rejwan's first movie as a producer. She served as a co-producer on The Last Jedi, and was an associate producer on J.J. Abrams' Super 8, so she has experience in this sandbox, as well as working alongside the Bad Robot crew. Rejwan got her start in the entertainment industry as an assistant on Curb Your Enthusiasm, so she also has a knack for edgy humor.

Some are calling in Michelle Rejwan's credentials for such a substantial role in Lucasfilm's future as it forges ahead. Kathleen Kennedy has much faith in her, and believes she has found the right person for the job. She says this in a statement.

"Working with Michelle over the last seven years as a producer on both The Force Awakens and now The Rise of Skywalker, I have seen first-hand her skills collaborating with writers and directors, and I've been incredibly impressed with her creative skills and her ability to manage the complexity surrounding these massive projects."

Sounds like she has the skills to handle the job. Though Star Wars is at one of its all-time lowest points in history, at least where the fandom is concerned. The Last Jedi arrived as a defining moment for this franchise's future, and many were not on board with what it was selling, with quite a few loud voices calling out Rian Johnson for mishandling the characters and storyline leading into The Rise of Skywalker. The hope is that J.J. Abrams can rescue the final movie in the Skywalker saga. But some are doubting he'll be able to pull it off. Kennedy went onto say this about the new hire.

"I know the importance of building a team that you trust and have fun working with, it is paramount to our success. There's an exciting momentum building around the future of the franchise, and both myself and the Lucasfilm team look forward to working with Michelle in shaping the future in all areas of story development, from theatrical film development to live action content for Disney+."

It's way too early to tell how this will all play out. The hope is that Michelle Rejwan will be able to steer this ship in the right direction. But even without her in the equation, many are worried that the next decade of Star Wars movies are already doomed. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are creating three all new movies with never-before-seen characters to carry the series into 2030. The first of these movies will arrive December 16, 2022, followed by the second on December 20, 2024, and the final installment on December 18, 2026. Excitement was high for new Star Wars movies coming from the Game of Thrones creators. Until Season 8 hit. Many believe that this pair severely damaged the Game of Thrones legacy with their final season and completely botched the execution of a once great show. So much so, a petition was launched for HBO to do a do-over. And it's over a million signatures strong at this point. A similar petition to get the pair off of Star Wars has also been launched, garnered quite a few angry and upset signatures.

Rian Johnson is supposed to be creating his own separate Star Wars trilogy as well, but we haven't heard much about that, and it wasn't mentioned at all when Disney and Lucasfilm revealed their three movie plan for the 2020s. We will be getting quite a few live-action TV shows set within the universe, so perhaps he'll have a hand there.

The hope is that Michelle Rejwan will do a great job and restore Star Wars to its former glory. Fans want her to be the next Kevin Feige, and do for Star Wars what he did for the MCU. But there have been so many missteps leading up to this news that about half the fan population are incredibly weary about any new hire. And as you can see in regards to some fans dissatisfaction with Benioff, Weiss and Johnson, this is definitely not about gender politics. It's about getting good movies that the fans actually love and that bring Disney lots of money. If Rejwan can do that, she'll be just as championed as Feige in the long run. But this isn't going to happen right away. It's going to take some time. The shadow of what has come before it is so big, it really does takes the sun out of the day. This news comes from Deadline.

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