Marvel Comics has announced that they have completely canceled Star Wars: Shadow of Vader. The decision comes over a month after author Chuck Wendig was let go from the company for vulgar tweets. The five-issue series was announced at NYCC earlier this year and was originally scheduled to be released in January 2019. Wendig had signed on to write each of the five installments, but the comic was put in limbo after Marvel Comics let the writer go.

At the time of his firing, Chuck Wendig had finished the storylines for three out of the five installments with production and illustrations having already started. It was believed that the Star Wars Shadow of Vader series was still going to happen since it was already so far along. However, the series was not listed in Marvel's January slate, which was revealed last month. Comic retailers were alerted to the news this week. Marvel released a statement about the cancellations to retailers, which you can read below.

"Star Wars Shadow of Vader #1 (OF 5) & variants (NOV180993-6, $4.99, FOC 12/3/18) and Star Wars Shadow of Vader #2 (OF 5) & variants (NOV180991-2, $3.99, FOC 12/17/18) have been cancelled and will not be resolicited."

Shadow of Vader was an anticipated comic series, but fans aren't going to be able to read it. However, Chuck Wendig might be able to share his story ideas at some point down the line. Wendig is responsible for 2015's Star Wars: Aftermath novel, which was part of the first stories in the newly established Star Wars Expanded Universe, and led up to the release of The Force Awakens. The author also included a gay lead character in the story and a certain faction of fans were not very happy about that decision.

When Star Wars Aftermath was released, Chuck Wendig started to get threatening messages on social media from fans. Wendig would often engage with his enemies on social media and was not afraid to share his political views either. The toxic social media environment that Wendig contributed to resulted in the author being fired by Marvel Comics, who more than likely didn't want to be associated with the negativity.

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Shadow of Vader is actually the second miniseries that has been canceled by Marvel Comics after the series was announced this year. The Vision, a six-part series by Chelsea Cain, Marc Mohan, and Aud Koch, was also partially completed. At the time of his firing, Chuck Wendig was upset, but admitted that he did not want to bring any negativity to the series and the Star Wars franchise. Additionally, Wendig was taken off of an unnamed and unannounced Star Wars book that also may not ever see the light of day. The Hollywood Reporter was the first to announce the cancelation news.

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