A new Star Wars video game may be coming sooner than we thought. EA has been the primary studio that has partnered with Lucasfilm on games ever since the Disney merger. While they will no longer exclusively be developing video games in a galaxy far, far away, they are still working on future projects. While it has yet to be confirmed, a new rumor suggests that the studio already has one on the way, a shooter to be specific, and it could be arriving later this year.

The rumor surfaced on Reddit recently, posted by user OrcaOrcaisnotalone in the GamingLeaksAndRumors subreddit. This same user first reported on the Knights of the Old Republic remake, a rumor that has since picked up a lot of steam and has been corroborated by other sources. This to say, Reddit or not, this user does not seem to be pulling this information out of thin air. That having been said, this is still a rumor for the time being. In any case, here is what the post had to say about this alleged Star Wars game.

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"[The] game has been in the works for little over 2 years. 1. much smaller scale project than something like Fallen Order, akin to Squadrons. 2. It's a Shooter, but I'm not confident if it's a Traditional First Person Shooter or a Third person shooter, just that it involves gun play. 3. Will release Q4 2021 for all major platforms excluding the Nintendo Switch. 4. It's being developed on Unreal Engine 4. No Idea when the Trailer will drop."

There is much to unpack there. For one, this is not going to be a massive-scale game on the level of Jedi Fallen Order or Battlefront 2. This will, instead, be closer to Squadrons, was released late last year by EA. The game did come with a short campaign, but largely focused on online play. The primary benefit for fans is that the game cast $39.99 as opposed to $59.99. It sounds like this mystery shooter would probably be in that lower price range as well.

As for what the game might be, exactly? That is difficult to speculate on, given the amount of information we are working with. Though it seems unlikely this would be Battlefront 3, as the scale described in the post doesn't seem that large. But it is easy to imagine any number of settings for a Star Wars shooter that could attract gamers. It also could help earn some good will for those who were disappointed by the most recent Battlefront games.

What we know for sure is that Lucasfilm Games recently launched. This signals that Disney and Lucasfilm are looking to make video games a bigger part of the future. A new open-world Star Wars game is coming from Ubisoft and Bethesda is working on an Indiana Jones game. So, much like Squadrons, it would not be out of character for EA to surprise us with a new game this year. We'll be sure to keep you posted as any further details on the alleged project are made available. This news comes to us via Reddit.